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Beginner’s Guide to DGPals Legends

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DGPals is a 5v5 auto-battler game. You will need at least 5 DGPals NFTs to start playing. $OPL can be earned from completing daily and weekly quests. Each DGPals have different skills based on their egg type.

How does the quest system work? 

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Daily Quest:

  • Reset daily at 12AM UTC+8

  • The amount of $OPL you can earn from daily quests depends on the number and type of DGPals NFT you have

Weekly Quest:

  • Reset weekly at 12AM UTC+8, every Monday

  • Two different categories of weekly quests

    • For standard weekly quests, there are 4 different tiers. You will need at least 5 DGPals NFTs to unlock the first tier, and a new tier gets unlocked for having 5/10/15/20 DGPals NFTs respectively. So, you can complete the quest and earn rewards from the highest tier, corresponding to the number of NFTs you own

    • Players can unlock Ultra Rare Weekly Quest if they own at least one Ultra Rare NFT (1 per account per week)

Daily and Weekly Quest Rewards:

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DGPals Quest Rewards: (Source: DGPals Discord Channel)

How to participate in PvP Matches?

  1. Select a team of 5 DGPals and save them as your team

  2. Once you have selected your team, they will appear on the main screen

  3. To start a PvP battle, click on ‘Quick Game’. You will be matched randomly against another player or NPC team

  4. The match will be in the format of an auto-battler

EXP and Stamina

  1. All participating DGPals will earn EXP after a battle

  2. DGPals NFTs have a Stamina bar. Stamina will deplete after each battle. Once the stamina bar reaches zero, they will not be able to earn EXP. Stamina bar will reset daily

How to level up DGPals?

  1. DGPals level up by earning EXP from participating in PvP battles

  2. The maximum level a DGPal can reach is 30

  3. There will be a cap every 5 levels, and you will need to use $OPL to unlock them to continue levelling up, increase stamina, and gain talents

  4. More EXP will be required to level up DGPals with a higher rarity. Ultra Rare DGPals do not earn EXP or level up

$OPL Cost to level up DGPals:

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DGPals Level Unlock: (Source: DGPals Discord Channel)

How to build your team?

Recommended team line-up:

Position 1:

  • Scaly (Elusine, Poipoi, Vipian, Barbgon)

  • Marine (Azuroras, Nessaria, Seaflary)

Position 2:

  • Scaly or Marine

  • Horror (King Bastion, Malorum, Bellwitch)

Position 3:

  • Magic (Nebular, Nightcloak)

  • Sky (Nightcrawler, Cherubia)

Position 4:

  • Magic (Nebular, Nightcloack)

  • Sky (Nightcrawler, Cherubia)

Position 5:

  • Magic (Nebular, Nightcloak)

  • Sky (Nightcrawler, Cherubia)

  • Horror (King Bastion, Malorum, Bellwitch)

How does Ranked Matches work?

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You will need to register for Ranked Matches before you can participate in them. Full team of 5  DGPals will be required, and it will be set as your default Attack and Defence Team. Once registered, you’ll be able to compete in the following week’s Ranked Matches.

Attack and Defence Team:

  • You have to set up a Defence team to ensure continued participation in Ranked Matches

  • For Attack team, you can set up when selecting opponents to challenge

  • 5 DGPals are required to set up both an Attack and Defence Team. Both teams are independent of each other. Any DGPals in your Attack team may also simultaneously be in your Defence team

Ranking Points (RP):

Win and Loss in ranked matches affect your ranking in the leaderboard. If you win, you gain RP. If you lose, you lose RP. If you win against someone with higher RP than you, you gain extra RP. If you lose against someone with less RP than you, you lose extra RP

Tiers for Ranked Matches:

  • Bronze (100-399 RP)

  • Silver (400-799 RP)

  • Gold (800-1399 RP)

  • Platinum (1400-2299 RP)

  • Diamond (2300-3599 RP)

  • Masters (3600-5399 RP)

  • Legends (5400 RP and above)

At the start of every week of the season, players who meet the RP requirement for the next Tier will be promoted, while those who fall below their current Tier requirement will be demoted.

After every season (4 weeks), a soft reset will be done on all players’ RP. Those in Legends Tier will be reset to the Masters Tier with its baseline RP, while those in the rest of the Tiers will be reset to their respective baseline RP of that particular Tier

Ranked Rewards

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