Avocado Apeiron Guide Part 5: What are the latest developments and future updates for Apeiron

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Which item in the game's roadmap you are looking forward most to and why?

Recent Developments

Apeiron Battle Demo (Source: Apeiron.com)

On 27 January 2023, the long-awaited moment for Apeiron's fans finally arrived when the game's developer, Foonie Magus, launched the full public release of the game's battle demo ("demo"). The demo was open to a few lucky gamers comprising Planet/Star NFT holders who underwent a snapshot on 17 January 2023, holders of Lunisolar Battlepasses which can be minted using Luni and Solar fragments as well as official partners of the game. It provided players with a taste of what the dark dungeons of Apeiron have to offer, including the chance to take on the bosses of the three available Dungeon Depths. You can get up to speed with the demo by checking out our article about it here.

Future Updates

Apeiron Development Roadmap (Source: Apeiron.com)

With the launch of the battle demo, Apeiron has fulfilled the first of the items in its roadmap for H1 of 2023. The remaining two future updates to look out for in the first half of this year are the incorporation of the star orbiting in-game feature and the deployment of its torque game engine (TGE) which would be followed by the game’s battle launch. As for the second half (H2) of 2023, you can look forward to the future updates that would allow battling in the upcoming Galactics sSports Arena in addition to the introduction of game balancing features and planet simulation playmodes that would complete the full launch of Apeiron. 


Rule your Planet, make decisions, and punish or give credits to your Doods, this is what Apeiron is about . As an NFT-based God Game, Apeiron players can govern every inch of their Planet while enjoying the game’s unique features alongside in-game earnings while using their governance tokens to participate in its two game modes, God Game Simulation and Action RPG.

The game itself offers unlimited freedom to players i.e. Godlings regarding how to run their Planets and its Doods. Apeiron stands out from other God Games with its cute yet magical creatures. So, let’s start playing God and rule your Planet.

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