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Avocado Apeiron Guide Part 3: What are the NFTs in Apeiron

Vincenzo posted 2 months ago
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Food for Discussions of this Guide
How should the game's players optimize the value and utility of their Planet NFTs?

Planet NFTs

Planets are what you need for you to start playing, and to get one you can hop on to Apeiron's Marketplace or Opensea.

There are two categories of planets, Primeval Planets or Normal Planets.

Screenshot (185).png

Buy your Planets (Source:

Primeval Core Planets are the genesis NFT, the very first generation of planets that all future planets will be born from. The Primeval planets are broken down into five tiers of rarity. From least to most rare, the rarities are Elemental Core, Mythic Core, Arcane Core, Divine Core and the Primal Core. Core types with high rarity will have more concentrated elemental distributions compared to their lesser siblings. You can expect a Primal Core to have the highest concentration of elemental distributions and therefore the strongest skills.

Each Primeval Planet NFT has its own Exordium tag to highlight that it was one of the very first Planets that comes into existence. In addition to this, each core has a small chance of getting a special "Primeval Legacy" trait. If this special trait is triggered, it will guarantee that your planet will not fall below the minimum threshold for the dominant element. This will be a very helpful tool for any players that would like to be a master planetary breeder!

Celestial Conjunction - in other words planetary breeding!

planet_mixer (1) (1) (1).jpg

Initiating Celestial Conjunction (Source:

To acquire more planets, you must perform Celestial Conjunction – the process where the planets take their elements and traits from both of the parent planets. Through this process, you will be able to make your perfect planet. To do this process, you must pay $APRS and $ANIMA, and each planet can only produce 3 planets. Planets born form Celestial Conjunction are considered normal Planets and does not have Exordium tag attached to them.

AvoTip! - When performing Celestial Conjunction, it is best to match the element of the two parent planets, a Dune should be paired with a Dune, a Foresty should be paired with Foresty. This will increase the possibility that the child planets will retain the parent’s elementary concentration and avoid further dilution in concentration. Remember, higher elemental concentration unlocks more powerful skills.

Also try to match the Avatar class of the parents to avoid the risk of receiving a generic, non-elemental skill. Match a Fate with a Fate!

Planetary aging

On the day your Planet is born, its age is set to 0, and it will increase by 1 every day - advancing to the next age group means unlocking more relic slots that will allow you to insert Relic NFTs.

However, it may take a long time from now until your planet reaches the next age tier and you may not want to wait too long.

Through Chronomerging, you can speed up your Planet's age. To do so, you may want to burn one planet to pass its age to your chosen Planet. This process will allow you to unlock more relic slots.

Another way of speeding up the Planet's aging is placing your Planet near Stars.

image (2) (1) (1).png

Stars and Astronomicals (Source:

Stars - There are currently 11,498 stars in the Godiverse. Each star has one or more orbital tracks – in which you can take one of your planets and it will receive an aging boost from the Stars. As your planet ages, it will unlock more Relic Slots, which you can use to insert Relics to your planet which will allows you to power your EDEN and Avatar.

Owners can rent their tracks to other players with rental fees. Demand for these orbital tracks should be high as all players would want the aging buff from the stars.

  • Star Tabula Chests and Astronomical NFTs - special objects that orbit your Star and provide you with additional bonuses.

  • Alliances, Constellations, and Zodiac Buffs - The goal for your Alliance is to complete Constellations and activate Zodiac Buffs that will give a bigger aging boost, orbital tracks, and a high member cap.

    image (1) (2).png

Alliance and Constellations (Source:

When you initiate Armageddon, you will be given a chance to convert your items and Apostles to Relics. To mint an object into a Relic NFT, you must spend $APRS. These NFTs can be installed in the Relic Slot of a Planet and activated in the new Planetary Cycle. Once activated, Relics will revert to their original form. If you wanted to use them again in future planetary cycles or sell them, you must convert them again into Relics.

Apostles are your in-game companion that can be acquired through playing the dungeons or purchasing it on Opensea. Each of these Apostles has their own stats, classes, weapons, special body parts, and skills. If you want to be more competitive in PvP, you may cast holy rituals to combine your Apostles, this process will give you a boosted apostle with better stats and a different skill deck.

In addition to this, you may lose your Apostles during the phase of Armageddon. However, you can save your apostle for the next eden phase by turning the apostles into a Relic NFT.

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