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Avocado Apeiron Guide Part 2: How to play Apeiron's Battle Mode

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Food for Discussions of this Guide
How should the game's players optimize their Avatars' class selection, the configuration of their Planet's Elemental Distribution and the use of their Skill Cards to boost their chances of emerging victorious in battles?

Action RPG Battle Mode

Once you have the enough Dood Followers, you may now Summon your Avatar; this is where the second game mode, the Action RPG will unlock.

What is an Avatar?

In the Action RPG game mode, the player takes full control of their Avatar in different battle modes like PvP in the Intergalactic Arena, PvE in Dungeons, GvE and GvG. The game's battle system is a variation of a card auto-battler. Once you have entered the battlefield, you’ll gain access to your Skill Cards from the Combat Deck which you can customize before every encounter. These cards are composed of different skills which will determine the flow and outcome of the game.

Your Avatar’s skills and abilities can be affected by the following 3 game mechanics:

  • Your Avatar’s class (Tank, Mage, Ranged DPS) heavily influences the type of skills available to you.

  • Your Planet’s Elemental Distribution. Higher concentration of specific Elements in your Planet will provide access to more powerful skills. Hence, planets with higher purity, 100% fire element for example, are much sought after and fetches higher trading value.

  • Relics will give you more Skill Cards to use. To get more Relics Skill Cards, you have to defeat the World Bosses or search for Relics in supported NFT platforms such as Opensea.

How does combat work?


Combat Battlefield (Source:

In the combat system, you will choose which Apostles you want to bring into combat. Each avatar has its own level, stats, and class which depends on your planet's element and how you developed the planet. If your Avatar's element is Fire, you may want to bring Apostles like the Bard, Mage, or Priest and if you have an Air element in your Avatar, you may need Warrior, Guardian, and Rogue that can act as your frontline support. However, you may come with your unique build, experimenting is part of the fun.

On the battlefield, you have to control your Avatar. Your Apostle Doods will operate like an auto battler and will act depending on their class actions. You will have a deck of skill cards shuffled from your Avatar’s and Apostle’s Skill Card pool, and each time you use one card, a new skill card will be drawn back into your deck. Each skill card will determine the flow of the battle – you may draw a spell or buff to shift the game in your favor. Skill Cards will also allow your Apostles to unleash their powers.


Every planet is associated with a dungeon that represents a corner of the Dirac Sea. By exploring the Dirac Sea, you can save some Dood Apostles and let them join your team. PvE will feature a variety of combat and puzzle games that will challenge the player’s game knowledge and strategic abilities.

concept_arena (1).jpg

Doods Apostles (Source:

Aside from your Dungeons, you may also visit Manifold Paths of Dirac to explore the endless dungeons – the deeper you involve yourself, the better the rewards, but it comes with risk – you may die and lose the in-game items that was found during the run.

Aside from that, you may find Dungeon Worlds that contain additional lore or rare items. Completing the Dungeons will reward you $ANIMA.


The matches will be a 1v1 against another player and once you win the battle, you will be able to climb the galactic leader board. At the end of season, rewards will be distributed accordingly.

Along your journey in Dungeons, you may convert those rescued souls of Dood Apostle into NFTs, you can take them to the Hourglass Coliseum – the arena in which you will test their strength against other players.

Alliances, Esports, and Seasonal Content

You may want to consider joining an Alliance. This will allow you to have the support you need when you join Guild vs Guild battlers and join forces with other Godlings to defeat World Bosses. Defeating these bosses will unlock new Seasonal Content that comes with new Skill Cards, Apostles, Equipment, and Worlds to explore.

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