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Avocado Apeiron Guide Part 1: How to play Apeiron's God Mode

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Food for Discussions of this Guide
How should the game's players use the phases of Eden, Alignment and Armageddon in God Mode to gain more followers?

God Mode Game Simulation

The first core gameplay loop is the God-Simulation game. As the Wandering God, The player will rule over their own Planet filled with cute and mischievous creatures called Doods. With the help of your divine intervention, Doods can build their society, grow their population, and you can even shatter a mountain to provide more land for new settlements.


Your community filled with Doods! (Source:

Your goal as the Planet’s God is to gain more Dood followers. To achieve this, you will go through 3 different phases while controlling your Planet.

  • Eden - This is the phase where you can perform miracles based on the elemental concentration of your Planet.

  • Alignment - The miracles made in Eden will determine your Alignment whether it is good or evil.

  • Armageddon - Phase where you can reset your in-game process. By doing so, you can earn Soul Gems and ANIMA tokens.


concept_god_simulation (1).jpg

These Doods needs YOU (Source:

Planets are the primary NFTs that will serve as your gateway to play the game. Each of these has a different elemental distribution with one open continent on the Planet that you can interact with.

Once you have your Planet, your Spirit Core will inhabit an EDEN - the mysterious structures dotting the surface of most planets. With the use of EDEN, you can perform miracles that are tied to the environment by the four elements to shape your world and interact with your Dood followers.

  • Water: Send rain to help the doods to grow their crops, trees, and fruits that will provide you wood and food.

  • Fire: Destroy things, throw fireballs if your doods disobey you.

  • Air: Send out tornadoes to blow things around and change your landscape.

  • Earth: Create rocks, sand, and lava.


Planet and its corresponding Avatar (Source:


This is the phase where your miracles will determine your alignment either as a hero or a villain. You play God to influence their growth. If you answer the Doods with kindness, you will move towards the good, it will open up special skills, quests, and it will make your world aesthetically pleasing. However, if you punish the doods, this will shift the alignment to evil – it will make your world like hellscape but also comes with its own unique unlocks. Maximizing your alignment will unlock special items such as constructing Planetary Wonders and Unique Dood Heroes.

You should convert these Doods into your followers by meeting their demands and performing Miracles. Once you convert them as your followers, your EDEN will level up. The higher the level of EDEN, the more powerful miracles you can make (e.g air and water can create ice), and it will open additional continents with more Doods you can convert.


At every progress, there is a plateau – a stage where you have reached no change or development. Once you’ve hit that plateau, you can initiate Armageddon which can be done once per week per planet – this will reset your planet and it will generate a new fresh continent based on your planet’s element.

Once you have successfully initiated Armageddon, it will grant you Soul Gems that can be used to upgrade your Spirit Core, $ANIMA tokens and during this stage, you will be given a chance to convert your items into Relics.



These are your in-game items converted into Relics (Source:

During resets, all of the items and objects such as Apostles, Equipment, Skill Cards, Cosmetics, Planetary Wonders that has been gained during developing your Planet will be lost. However, no one likes to lose in-game items, go back to zero and have nothing, right? So, this is where Relics come in.

All items that might be lost during a reset can be minted into a Relics NFT which will cost Apeiros ($APRS), the game’s governance token. As soon as you converted your item into Relics, you may want to use it in your next Planetary Cycle, move it to different planets, or sell it in the marketplace.

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