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Ascend the Divine Battleground with the Gods, First Step to Card Battle Mastery

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What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play tactical card game that gives players true ownership of their digital items, allowing them to trade, sell and use them as real cards. If you're familiar with Yugi-oh, HearthStone and Pokemon trading card games this game will suit you.

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What is $GODS Token?

$GODS is a type of digital currency that you can use to create unique digital items called NFTs and buy sets of digital cards called Card Packs. 

  • How can I earn this token in the game?

    -Play & Earn takes many forms in Gods Unchained, such as: 

  1. Daily Play & Earn: Players can earn $GODS by winning matches in Daily Play & Earn.

  1. Weekend Ranked: Players can earn expansion packs (card packs holding NFT cards) based on their performance in the weekend tournaments. This runs every weekend, and is accessible to players of any rank. 

  1. The Forge: Core cards (non-NFT cards) that are earned in game can be fused together to create Meteorite NFT cards. These can then be sold to other players or used in-game. You can acquire this by fusing two plain cards; they become NFT or Meteorite Quality. You will see this in the section “Quality and Rarity of the cards.”

  1. Play to Earn Tournaments: Sometimes, there are tournaments where players can participate and earn even bigger rewards through playing. For more on these, check out the Official Gods Unchained Blog.

How can I play this game?

Steps for you to play this game.

  1. Go to and search “Gods Unchained.

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  1. Create an account and verify it via email address. Then you need to click the “Download” button and it will automatically open the download page or your file and download.

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Take note “You should not skip the tutorial for you have a better understanding of the game.”

How to get free cards?

You will be given six(6) sets of decks each with different elements upon finishing the tutorial but this is optional but if you are the type of person who wants to explore the game then this is for you and of course aside from this guide this will help you in terms of playing.

  • First step

    - Upon opening the game on your screen you will see a tutorial option click it.

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  • Second step

- Upon clicking the “select mission” button you will find 2 missions there for now, there are only 2 missions so far.

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There are two types of cards in this game which is Quality and Rarity:

  • Quality- Fusing two Plain cards creates Meteorite Quality NFTs, which can be initiated by selecting five copies.

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  • Rarity- Rarity is determined by colored crystals on a card's nameplate, with higher rarities being more difficult to find.

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What are the best Decks for beginners?

  • Aggro- Aggro decks are the "end all be all" choice in GU, and every decision must be made perfectly to end the match quickly.

Death (Malissus) - this is a necromancer type of God with the power to resurrect creatures from the Void.

War (Auros) - aggressive god that buffs abilities to damage.

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Midrange-Midrange decks require powerful cards and adapt their playstyle to achieve a sense of dominance.

-Deception (Ludia) - ability to lay traps and steal cards from decks.

-Magic (Elyrian) - spell-wielder.

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  • Control- Control decks focus on controlling the flow of the battle, but surviving the early game is the main challenge.

-Nature (Aeona) - summons creatures and can heal them

-Light (Thaeriel) - this is a paladin-style God that primarily buffs and heals units.

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Prioritizing: Direct Attack or Monsters First? 

  • Direct Attack


-  Significant reduction of their life points, based on your card’s attack power.


-  Increased risk of enemy doing direct combo towards you if you didn't attack their monster card.

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  • Attacking Enemy Monster First


-Reduce the damage you will receive while disabling your opponent's combo attack.


-  If playing aggro deck and you failed to finish off your opponent quickly, they could stage a comeback with a late or mid-range deck.

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Take note “Pick your poison and try to find a deck that will suit you above”.