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A big review for a game called "BIGTIME"

SnakeChibi posted 4 months ago
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As a seasoned gamer of Web2, I am looking for a Web3 game that can captivate me as much as my previous experiences. After exploring and researching many games, I was lucky enough to acquire a Ruby Pass to gain access to Bigtime's early stages. I am truly impressed by the game's quality and I am looking forward to continuing my experience with it. First: The Lore Who does play games that has no story?. Everyone loves a good story on their games that they are playing. In fact, the game called "The Last of Us" got a part 2 game and also got an HBO series because the story is so captivating. Bigtime also has that. To make the story short, you as a new generation of heroes teached by great teachers like Genghis Khan, Merlin, Father Ben Franklin and more, are summoned to Time's End to battle against Paradox Corporate to save the universe. Second: The Gameplay Playing Bigtime is not really that complicated if you are familiar with mmorpg games, it's mostly the same, you have normal attacks, key binded skills and potions to use. The only added feature is the normal attacks have 4 differents types of combinations for each and every weapon you use, and i mean weapon not classes.No matter which classes you choose, the weapon will remain your primary normal attack.I appreciate the uniqueness of "Bigtime" as it offers a new experience with varying mobs and bosses each time you enter the dungeon while still retaining the classic dungeon clearing cliche."Bigtime" is designed to be a group dungeon-clearing game. This feature makes the game more enjoyable when playing with friends or even strangers, which I appreciate. Third: The Rewards We are all familiar with dungeon crawling MMORPGs and the reward system they offer. Everyone enjoys a reward, especially high-tier weapons, armor, accessories, or items.One of the most exciting parts of dungeon crawling in "Bigtime" is collecting Artifact Fragments and NFTs. Artifact Fragments can be exchanged with a trading droid for a random reward. It is a game of chance, but if you are fortunate, you may acquire a non-fungible token using your Artifact Fragments.NFTs are a great reward option when playing Bigtime. This is one of the most valuable rewards you can receive.Players often try to obtain NFTs through completing dungeons, which can then be sold in marketplaces for real money. Conclusion: Overall, Bigtime is an enjoyable game for me and I am thrilled to experience the Alpha Stage. I am thoroughly enjoying playing the game.I am eager to see what the developers have created for the gaming community.Let's go playing and makeit Bigtime!
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