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(1) A Primer

TinyTap is currently the world’s largest educational games library and platform, with more than 200,000 lessons and games created by educators and publishers that includes notable organizations such as The Learning Company, Sesame Street and Oxford University Press.

(2) Key Takeaways
  • Bringing the Create-to-Earn (C2E) concept to the early childhood education domain

  • Starting them young in the Metaverse by recording lifelong learning records on immutable blockchains

  • Web3 integration through the use of Publisher NFTs

  • Selling like hot cakes - first batch of 6 Publisher NFTs has already been sold out on Opensea, generating 138.926 ETH

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TinyTap Publisher NFTs' Sales Proceeds (Source: blog.tinytap.com)

(3) Introduction

(a) What is TinyTap?

With the increasing popularity and onslaughts of Play-to-Earn (P2E) games, comes TinyTap. The platform offers a unique and a breath of fresh air into the Web3 metaverse. TinyTap puts a different spin to the P2E concept through the innovative application of the Create-to-Earn (C2E) concept to the children education domain. A subsidiary of Animoca Brands, TinyTap is essentially a platform for user-generated educational games and courses.

Originally a Web2 educational technology (EduTech) platform, the acquisition by Animoca Brands, an industry leader in the blockchain gamification market, has seen TinyTap being integrated into the Web3 space with the incorporation of NFT elements.

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TinyTap and Animoca Brands (Source: youtube.com/AnimocaBrands)

TinyTap provides a wide variety of learning courses that includes Mathematics, Language Arts, Reading, Spelling, Science and Social Skills in line with the holistic education approach which emphasizes on the wholesome development of the body and mind. These games and courses are primarily targeted for children or students aged 2-8. Nonetheless, the sky's the limit when it comes to educational materials. Accordingly, there is no limitation even to create contents for students above that age limit.

Educators and teachers can access and even create gamified courses on TinyTap using its code-free authoring platform which in turn can be accessed by teachers and parents as part of TinyTap’s subscription or to be purchased directly.

A portion of the subscription revenue i.e. 50% is shared with the content creators as determined based on the user engagement metrics generated by their content whereas the remaining 50% is used for “the creation platform, providing storage and measurable analytics.” A win-win situation indeed.

(b) How Much Does It Costs To Use The App?

TinyTap is free to download with selected courses available for a week’s worth of free trial and also worthy to mention that it will be ad-free!

To access the wider range of games and courses which ranges up to over 200,000 , there will be a USD14.99 monthly subscription fee. TinyTap’s affordability is in line with the United Nation (UN)’s Sustainable Development Goal No.4 which is focused on the promotion of inclusive and equitable quality education.

However, some courses are only available as a purchase-only model. All courses purchased will belong to the user indefinitely.

TinyTap will also be available to be played offline. More ways to keep your children entertained on long road trips without fretting about internet connection!


(a) How To Use And Play The App?

TinyTap’s users can be broadly segmentalized into 3 categories, being Educators, Students and Supporters.

Educators are basically the core to TinyTap, where they can search for existing courses to teach their students. If no suitable courses are available, educators can create their own contents, games and courses. The contents can even be minted as NFTs thereby allowing educators who are also creators to truly own the digital property rights to their content which they can sell or rent as they deem fit!

Students are naturally the primary beneficiaries to the contents created on TinyTap. Courses and games can be selectively chosen to boost the student’s learnings. Students will gain a lifelong record of their learning achievements thanks to the immutability of blockchain and would be able to earn more access passess to additional contents as they progress along their educational journey. What a way to prepare our future generation for the dawn of the blockchain-based Web3 age.

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TinyTap's Student Users (Source: blog.tinytap.com)

The integration into Web3 and introduction of the publisher NFTs also meant that supporters will play a huge part in enhancing TinyTap. Supporters can support and endorse the contents on TinyTap by purchasing and owning the publishing rights to the course. The owners of the course are free to do their very own marketing and promotion in order to generate income.

(b) Mechanics For Creating A Game

Creating a game on TinyTap is as easy as ABC. Embodying the concept of user friendliness, creators just need to select the type of game using a simple drag and drop system with pre included graphic materials. No coding knowledge is required!

There are several types of games you can choose to create including rom ‘Asking a question’, ‘Creating a soundboard’, ‘Shape puzzles’ , ‘Say something’, ‘Playing a video’ and’ Talk or type’.

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TinyTap's Catalogue of Educational Games (Source: blog.tinytap.com/)

Different themes and creation packs are available in the app itself and even if there is nothing suitable, a Web search can be done to import photos, animations or even clip arts into the content. Feedbacks can also be recorded when students select their answers.

Try imagining it as simple as creating an interactive slide with the enhanced flexibility and customisation! With TinyTap, the world of education is your playground.


(a) Publisher NFTs

With the integration into Web3 and on top of the subscription revenue that content creators and educators get to earn a percentage of, TinyTap introduced the Publisher NFTs which provides an additional source of income for educators through the C2E concept.

A Publisher NFT, as its name suggests, comes with the shared publisher rights to a course in the form of an NFT. Educators that created a course have the ability to sell their publishing rights to their courses and the holders of the NFT will have the option to share the publishing rights with the educator and earn up to 80% of the revenue generated.

Educators who sell these publishing rights can earn primary profits from the sale of the co-publishing rights. After that they’ll be entitled to the royalties from any of the secondary sales that come from it, on top of the 10% of revenue generated from the course earning. This renders Publisher NFTs to be rare in terms of intellectual property rights (IPR) protection as they depart from the first-sale doctrine that limits the rights of copyright owners to the first i.e. initial buyer of the owners’ rights.

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Revenue Flow of Publisher NFTs for Educators (Source; Avocado DAO)

Better still, as an owner of a Publisher NFT, you get to own the publishing rights for as long as you own the NFT. You can further choose to advertise and market the courses on TinyTap and generate revenue through the Platform's subscription model. Additionally you can disseminate the Courses through various alternative channels. You will be able to earn 80% of the money that you generate from your own marketing.

Publisher NFTs are currently the only Web3 mechanics available on TinyTap however, it is only the first step with the establishment of a governance with native token in mind further down the roadmap. These tokens are set to be of core importance in regards to governance, staking, minting new games and ensuring transparency for donors.

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TinyTap's 6 New Publisher NFTs (Source: blog.tinytap.com)

The first batch of 6 Publisher NFTs has already been sold out on Opensea, generating 138.926 ETH.

(b) Why Should You Try Out TinyTap?

TinyTap with its Web3 integration may now only be in its early stages and with some games and courses that could be viewed as relatively too simple for the targeted age groups, the vast support it has garnered from educators and partnerships certainly makes TinyTap a very interesting proposition.

With its impressive library of more than 200,000 lessons and games coupled with its user friendly interface and technology versatility, educators would be able to create tailor-made education contents with ease. Given the platform’s impressive development plans, one would hope that TinyTap does live up to its expectations and hopefully shape the future of childhood education.

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TinyTap's Library of 200,000 Games (Source: apps.apple.com)

More auctions of the Publisher NFT will be available soon so do keep a look out if you would like to play a part helping to build a better future for our next generation through the gift of education.

TinyTap is now available on iOS, Android, Amazon and PC.