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Read on to learn about Seraph's Beta Test and the game’s official launch scheduled for Q3 2023.

What is Hot and What is Not in Seraph's Beta Test?
  • Diablo-Style Gameplay Controls

Like the epic RPG Diablo, Seraph is a Hack-and-Slash game that is fun to play. Sandok notes that "the game itself was too fun and resembled my teen game, Diablo." Like Diablo 4, Seraph's gameplay controls involve players using their mouse for character movement. This mouse-based gameplay control works for Gushi2031, who commented on the game's characters' "very smooth movements." However, Kyura prefers "moving characters with wasd on keyboard."

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Seraph’s Gameplay Controls (Source: Medium.com/@SERAPH)

  • AAA Quality Graphics

Through its AAA-quality graphics, Seraph's dark art style medieval fantasy realm comes alive. Seraph's AAA-quality graphics creates a surreal in-game atmosphere which is a plus point for Kyura, who likes the game’s "design and the atmosphere.". Besides creating a surreal atmosphere, Seraph's AAA-quality visuals also support gameplay. As Gushi2031 observes, "Players right now are on graphics and gameplay of Seraph." Hades sums it up best, "the game changer (of Seraph) is the graphics."

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Seraph’s AAA Quality Graphics (Source: YouTube/@AruelPlays)

  • Issues with Accessibility

Seraph's AAA-quality graphics may be a game changer in improving the in-game atmosphere and gameplay experience, but it affects the accessibility of the game. JD, for example was unable to playtest Seraph due to the game's PC system requirements but is hoping that "it will be available soon on Android." Echoing JD's wishes to play Seraph on mobile, Anakinsfall suggested that the developer, Actoz Soft, "get the game on mobile as it would be phenomenal on mobile."

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Seraph’s System Requirements (Source: Medium.com/@SERAPH)

What are the Key Details of Seraph's Beta Test?
  • Most popular region by players’ geographical origin: Asia

  • Number of players: 5,000+

  • Average daily gameplay duration per player: 4 hours

  • Total number of NFT treasures forged: 3,762

  • Total number of transactions: 8,828

  • Most popular character class: Sorceress (preferred choice for 48% of players)

  • The highest level attained: 78 (by a player using the Valkyrie character class)

What's Next After the Completion of the Seraph Beta Test?
  • Improved Farming Experience

Based on the feedback of players who participated in the Beta Test, the developer of Seraph would be making some improvements to the Void Realm. The upcoming improvements to the Void Realm would allow SERAPHers to have a more enjoyable experience while farming for loot in the game.

  • Airdrop Rewards Distribution

The 200,000 $SRF tokens in Seraph's airdrop pool will be distributed to players who supported the game's development, particularly SERAPH Priority Pass (SPP) holders. SERAPHers can stay tuned to the game's social media channels for announcements about airdrop rewards distribution.

  • Official Game Launch

SERAPHers can look forward to the game's official launch scheduled for Q3 2023.

How to Play Seraph and Win Battles in the Game After its Official Launch in Q3 2023?

In preparation for the official launch of Seraph in Q3 2023, we can learn a thing or two from the experience of some of Avocado DAO’s top players who participated in the game's Beta Test.

  • Character Class Selection

If you prefer the berserker playstyle, go with the Barbarian character class, which according to Kyura, has "melee attacks or skills."

If you prefer the ranged playstyle, go with the Valkyrie, which according to Kyura, has skills to use "bows, crossbow or even spear."

If you prefer the tactician playstyle, go with the Sorceress, which according to Kyura, has "skills like frost, lightning, and fire."

After Seraph’s official launch in Q3 2023, the game will feature two additional character classes, the Druid and the Necromancer.

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Seraph’s Character Classes (Source: Medium.com/@SERAPH)

  • Gameplay Strategy Skills

The key to farming experience efficiently to level up fast in the Seraph action role-playing game (ARPG) is to defeat enemies with the least HP damage to your character. As Anakinsfall observes, Seraph's key gameplay strategy skill is "to do the most damage you can without getting hurt." According to Kyura, an effective way of doing so is "to lure as many enemies as possible, then use an area damage type skill."

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Seraph’s Enemies Luring Area (Source: AvocadoDAO.io)

  • The Team Game

Seraph has a team party game mode which, according to Kyura, allows you to "play with your friends, fight monsters, complete quests and look for items together." A.G.ronie suggests that "you should join a party and focus on finding, upgrading, and combining equipment to make your character stronger and more capable in combat." Playing the team game boosts the fun factor as you can level up faster. As Guishi2031 explains, "It's more fun to play with a party since it will be faster to level up than playing solo."

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Seraph’s Team Room (Source: Medium.com/@SERAPH)

Armed with the handy tips from Avocado DAO’s top players, we are ready to test our ARPG combat skills when Seraph is officially launched in Q3 2023.