League of Kingdoms

In the world of Arcadia, a black fog is creeping toward the city, and the people are going underground to save themselves. There is no escape, however, as sooner or later, the black fog would permeate the underground areas of the city, marking the beginning of the Era of the Black Fog.

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The Black Fog (Source: Medium.com/@LegendofArcadia)

With their world shrouded in darkness, children born in this Era had to turn to their imagination for salvation, and with this, the colourful and boundless Arcadia Universe was born. Relive your childhood fascination as you pick your heroes to engage in PvE and PvP battles in this real-time strategy casual RPG action game to earn $ARCA tokens.

How to Play Legend of Arcadia?

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Legend of Arcadia (Source: Medium.com/@LegendofArcadia)

There are two main gameplay modes in Legend of Arcada, namely PvP and PvE.

  • Player-versus-Player (PvP)

In PvP gameplay mode, you would be taking on other players with powerful heroes with the objective of rising up the ranks to be rewarded with $ARCA tokens. These tokens are the utility tokens of Legend of Arcadia which can be used to unlock heroes and equipment.

  • Player-versus-Environment (PvE)

In PvE gameplay mode, you can either test your skills at the Labyrinth, embark on open-world adventure quests, or team up with other players to take on World Bosses.

How to Earn in Legend of Arcadia?

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Legend of Arcadia’s In-Game Economy (Source: Medium.com/@LegendofArcadia)

In addition to earning through PvP and PvE gameplay modes, if you are ranked as a top-tier player, you can boost your earnings in Legend of Arcadia by participating in the Championship. The Championship offers higher PvP rewards as compared to other PvP gameplay modes. If you are not ranked as a top-tier player, fret not as you can still earn in Legend of Arcadia by betting on Championship matches to win yourself some prizes.

How to Win in Legend of Arcadia?

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Legend of Arcadia’s NFT Hero Characters (Source: Medium.com/@LegendofArcadia)

There are a total of 8 classes of heroes, 6 different factions, and more than 200 different skills in the gameplay mechanism of Legend of Arcadia. You can increase your chances of success of winning in Legend of Arcadia by taking into consideration the relationships between the different factions and placing your heroes in a strategic manner based on their class to optimise their abilities.

Legend of Arcadia’s Alpha Test

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Legend of Arcadia’s Alpha Test’s Key Metrics (Source: Medium.com/@LegendofArcadia)

Legend of Arcadia's Alpha test ran from March 24th 2023 8:00 (UTC) to April 7th 2023 8:00 (UTC). The average retention rate across the 4-days period was about 73% whereas the average participation rate across the PvP gameplay modes of Arena, World Boss and Labyrinth was about 63%.

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Legend of Arcadia’s Alpha Test Rewards (Source: Medium.com/@LegendofArcadia)

The prize pool of the Legend of Arcadia’s Alpha test which amounted to $3,000 consisted of three categories of rewards as below.

  • “First Mine, First Served” Cash Pool with rewards amounting to $1,500 which were given to the first 150 testers to mine 800 White Ores who received $10 each.

  • Leaderboard of Arena with rewards amounting to $1,500 which were distributed to the top 200 testers on the Leaderboard of Arena.

  • Bug Bounty with rewards in the form of valuable Gacha Balls and EXP boxes for testers who reported the bugs they discovered while testing the game.

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Avocado DAO x Legend of Arcadia (Source: Avocado DAO)

As a partner of Legend of Arcadia, Avocado DAO was granted exclusive Alpha test access passes which allowed a few privileged Avocadians to participate in the test. Some feedback from Avocadians who participated in Legend of Arcadia’s Alpha test are as below.

  • General Look and Feel

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Legend of Arcadia’s Universe (Source: Medium.com/@LegendofArcadia)

"The background story in the Arcadia Universe is pretty good and the anime references in the game’s lore anime make me happy. The sound effect and graphics are pretty decent and smooth at the same time. The gameplay is enjoyable but when you reach higher stages you can't do anything. The only thing that you can do is to wait a bit and then come back again after 5 hours and claim EXP, and upgrade or level up your stands." - (A.G.Taki)

  • Game Changer Elements

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Legend of Arcadia’s Characters (Source: Medium.com/@LegendofArcadia)

"I enjoy the game because of its graphic and design of the characters is so catchy that you can't forget, If you are planning to play the game you will need to get a character for you to progress quickly from the game but if you are not competing for the leaderboard you would not need to buy a character as it would be sufficient if you just get a free gacha ball from the game’s Discord server."- (A.G.Luna)

  • Game Breaker Elements

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Legend of Arcadia’s Quest Interface (Source: Medium.com/@LegendofArcadia)

"In Legend of Arcadia, new players should focus on completing quests, and levelling up their character. Key skills for levelling up quickly is to focus on playing on the story line and smartly use the time skip gems and staying engaged with the game. To ace the game, players should balance completing quests with engaging in other gameplay modes to level up continuously." - A.G.Gooty

  • Key Takeaways

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Legend of Arcadia’s Customization Mechanics (Source: Medium.com/@LegendofArcadia)

"It would be beneficial for the developers of Legend of Arcadia to consider adding more varied enemy types and boss battles, as well as increasing the depth and complexity of crafting and gear customization mechanics to enhance the overall gameplay experience." - (A.G.Farah)


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Legend of Arcadia’s Roadmap (Source: Medium.com/@LegendofArcadia)

Now that we are done with Legend of Arcadia’s Alpha test, we can look forward to the next milestones for the game in Q2 of 2023. With the upcoming release of the Legend of Arcadia mobile app on the Google Play and Apple App Stores, you will soon be able to play the game anytime, anywhere from your mobile device. On top of that, there will also be upcoming Genesis NFT drops for blind boxes. Legend of Arcadia certainly has much in store, so do stay tuned.