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League of Kingdoms

In just two years since its founding in 2021, Avocado DAO has grown into one of the largest Web3 gaming guilds in the Metaverse. Thanks to Avocado DAO's policy of allowing our scholars to retain a portion of their in-game earnings (which can go up to 100% such as in the case of $SLP earnings under our Axie Infinity scholarship), the dreams of every gamer to earn while doing what they love most are now a plausible reality. Beyond Web3 gaming, Avocado DAO is an out-and-out Web3 proponent whose mission is to provide the infrastructure support and getting-up resources to enable our community members to get the best out of the Metaverse.

Unique Value Proposition (UVPs)

We stand out from the rest with our unique value propositions (UVPs) as below.

  • Strong Treasury Financial Reserves

Our business stability is warranted by our strong financial position as rooted in our treasury reserves which stood at more than USD24 million as of the end of the first quarter (Q1) of 2023.

1_jIFQ7P28Q23fngx-7kD9gA (1) (1).webp Q1 2023 Quarterly Treasury Report (Source: Avocado DAO)

  • Backed by the Best

Our financial backers include big names from the Web3 gaming domain (Animoca Brands), the crypto market (Binance Smart Chain and MEXC Global) as well as blockchain platforms (Polygon and Solana).

Untitled design (9) (1).jpg Investors and Backers (Source: Avocado DAO)

  • Web3 Gaming Partnership Network

Our network of official partner games includes big names in the Web3 gaming domain, such as Axie Infinity and League of Kingdoms, and Web3 eSports crossover titles, such as Heroes of Mavia and Thetan Arena.

image7 (3).png Official Partner Games (Source: Avocado DAO)

Ecosystem Programmatic Partnership Options

The programmatic of our ecosystem offers various partnership options as below.

  • Content-as-a-Service

Our core platform comprising blog articles (for Web3 products and services) and game pages (for Web3 gaming projects), offers a channel through which the sponsored content of our partners could reach up to 145+K web visitors per month.

image4.png Core Platform (Source: Avocado DAO)

  • Gamification-as-a-Service

Our Questing Portal provides an avenue for our partners to engage with our community using fun and interactive quests through which members of our community can learn more about the products and services of our partners.

image9.jpg Questing Portal (Source: Avocado DAO)

  • Cryptoization-as-a-Service

Our $AVG token is designated with partnership incentives as one of its value accrual mechanisms allowing it to be deployed to boost the engagement metrics of our partners’ sponsored content and gamified quests.

image2 (9) (1).png $AVG Tokenomics (Source: Avocado DAO)

Community-Based Value Generation

Our partners can tap into the value generated from our community-building efforts as below.

  • Play2Empower

Avocado DAO harnesses the user autonomy ideals of Web3 to empower our community members on a personal level by building their self-confidence and sense of independence while being part of our global network of Avocadians. Our scholarship programs for Axie Infinity, GenoPets, King of Fighters Arena, and League of Kingdoms are cases in point.

image8.jpg Scholarship Programs (Source: Avocado DAO)

  • Play2Enrich

Avocado DAO harnesses the financial liberalization features of Web3 to support the livelihood of our community members by helping them to diversify their sources of income to boost their earning potential. A case in point is the success story of one of our community members, A.G H | т о я | н∆иZо, who managed to purchase a scooter using his earnings from Web3 gaming as an Avocadian scholar.

image3 (3).png A.G H | т о я | н∆иZо with New Scooter (Source: Avocado DAO)

  • Play2Educate

Avocado DAO harnesses the level playing field of Web3 to educate our community members to learn more about Web3 gaming projects to help them optimize their earnings from their time spent in the Metaverse. A case in point is the analytics tool on the landing page of our core platform.

image1.png Landing Page (Source: Avocado DAO)


We are currently in Phase 02 of our technical roadmap and will continue to develop our core platform further to add value to our suite of partnership services.

image5.png Technical Roadmap (Source: Avocado DAO)

As we progress along Phase 02 to eventually reach Phase 03 and finally Phase 04, the range of our partnership services would expand to include NFT novelty, DAO functionality, and $AVG real-world utility. Upon completing our technical roadmap, Avocado DAO would be a cost-efficient and value-added platform for the masses to enter the Metaverse through Web3 gamification and education.

Fancy exploring partnership options with us? Kindly send your proposal to, and our team will be in touch shortly.

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