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Mighty Bear Games Takes on Battle Royale with Mighty Action Heroes

Mighty Action Heroes is the latest Web3 gaming offering by Mighty Bear Games, a leading multi-platform game development studio in Southeast Asia. Mighty Bear Games' mission is to make Web3 gaming fun by going back to the drawing board to reinvent gaming genres. This is precisely what they are doing for the battle royale genre with Mighty Action Heroes. The game is a real-time multiplayer third person mobile shooter that features fast-paced action and a variety of playable characters with unique abilities. It features serious action with a lighthearted feel and tons of fun factor thanks to the game's colorful graphics.

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Colorful Graphics (Source: MightyActionHeroes.com)

If having some serious fun is your kind of thing, read on to find out how to join in on the mighty action fun.

MightyNet Genesis Pass: Your Exclusive Ticket to Mighty Action Heroes’ Multiplayer Alpha

As Mighty Action Heroes is currently in alpha, only early access ticket holders get to be part of the mighty action. Your early access ticket to Mighty Action Heroes takes the form of a MightyNet Genesis Pass or Big Bear Syndicate NFT. As the first entry points to the MightyNet ecosystem, these NFTs will allow you to have exclusive access to Mighty Action Heroes as well as all the other games in the MightyNet ecosystem come the future. On top of early access, holders of these NFTs would also receive other privileges such as access to future in-game NFT drops and exclusive in-game content, as well as unlock rewards if they hold these NTFs for the long term.

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The MightyNet Ecosystem (Source: MightyActionHeroes.com)

The low supply of MightyNet Genesis Passes coupled with the use of an application list approach to their issuance ensures the exclusivity of these passes. They are only available to Web3 gamers who fit the bill as highly-engaged community members with the requisite vision and vigor to support Mighty Action Heroes' development team. As previously mentioned, besides a MightyNet Genesis Pass, you can obtain early access to Mighty Action Heroes by getting your hands on a Big Bear Syndicate NFT from MightyNet’s Gen1 personal profile picture (PFP) collection.

If you think you have what it takes to be one of the pioneering mighty action heroes, head over to OpenSea and check out the MightyNet Genesis Pass and the Big Bear Syndicate NFT collections.

Mighty Action Heroes: Gameplay Elements and Modes Explained

Once you have got your hands on a MightyNet Genesis Pass or Big Bear Syndicate NFT, you can get in on the action in Mighty Action Heroes by jumping into the arena from your browser. For now, the Battle Royale mode which features up to 20 players per game is the sole available gameplay mode in Mighty Action Heroes. In time to come, the game will feature additional gameplay modes among other features. The early access features of Mighty Action Heroes’ gameplay are as below.

  • Showcase your gunmanship and shoot your way to victory in 20-player games.

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Shooting Away (Source: MightyActionHeroes.com)

  • Get your game face on by playing as 1 of several different action heroes.

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Action Heroes (Source: MightyActionHeroes.com)

  • No need to wait for your turn to have some fun with tons of guns.

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Fun Guns (Source: MightyActionHeroes.com)

  • Get set to fight fire with fire as you enter buildings for exciting firefights.

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Exciting Firefights (Source: MightyActionHeroes.com)

From Twitter to Discord: Stay Connected with Mighty Action Heroes’ Growing Community

In line with Mighty Bear Games' community-centric approach, holders of MightyNet Genesis Pass and Big Bear Syndicate NFTs get to be involved in the development of Mighty Action Heroes. The development framework of Mighty Action Heroes is structured in such a manner that the game is built for the community by the community.

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Some of the Mighty Bear team (Source: MightyActionHeroes.com)

In addition to obtaining a MightyNet Genesis Pass or Big Bear Syndicate NFT to get early access to the game, you can be part of Mighty Action Heroes’ community by joining the game’s 12K+ strong Twitter community, 10K+ strong Discord group, or just by reading the articles on the game’s Medium page.


Once Mighty Action Heroes is fully developed, F2P players will be able to collect and earn rewards subject to the caveat that opportunities to earn on-chain rewards are only available to high-ranked F2P players. The skill-based matches of Mighty Action Heroes is a reflection of Mighty Bear Games' spirit of fairness. To quote the game’s litepaper, “those who invest time and energy to master the game and contribute to the community should be fairly rewarded for their efforts.” With this, let’s start investing some time and energy into mastering your gunmanship to conquer the battle arenas in Mighty Action Heroes and be fairly rewarded for your efforts.