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MetalCore Open World Alpha Phase 2 was launched with global servers for worldwide players.

As a partner of MetalCore, AvocadoDAO had the privilege of joining the game's epic Open World Alpha Phase 2 event, which ran from 1 - 8 May 2023. The weeklong Alpha of the latest phase of MetalCore’s playtest event offered players the exciting opportunity to try out the latest version of the game’s expansive open world.

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Avocado DAO x MetalCore (Source: AvocadoDAO.io)

How to Join MetalCore's Open World Alpha?

Fret not if you missed MetalCore’s Open World Alpha Phase 2 event, as there would be future Alpha Phases. According to the game’s website, the "Open World Alpha is expected to run for several months." To join the next Open World Alpha phase event, make sure you actively participate in the community activities of MetalCore's partner guilds such as Avocado DAO to receive an invitation from us. Alternatively, you can look out for the registration link that would be broadcasted by MetalCore through their Discord and Twitter channels.

A few lucky players from AvocadoDAO went hardcore with MetalCore during the game's Open World Alpha Phase 2 event, and we have received their feedback transmissions.

Pros: Astounding Gameplay Experience

MetalCore's gameplay received positive feedback with its purposeful design and well-thought-out structure. A.G.BOKUNOGATARI "truly enjoyed the game because everything is well-made and planned within the game with a purpose.” Similarly, A.G.Kenjiii? "had a great time playing MetalCore because the game is well-made and thoughtfully structured."

Right from the beginning, players were shaken to the core by MetalCore. As players get blown away by its graphics, MetalCore unleashes the sound of rock metal for an epic gameplay experience. As A.G.BOKUNOGATARI’s feedback experience goes, "the intro story, tutorial, and initial soundtrack were the unexpected factors that made the game stand out for me." Echoing A.G.BOKUNOGATARI’s feedback experience is A.G.Kenjiii? who opined that "the graphics and sound effects are of unquestionable AAA game quality."

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MetalCore’s Gameplay Graphics (Source:AvocadoDAO.io)

While MetalCore's hardcore graphics and sound effects offer an epic gameplay experience, the downside is the devices of some players may not be hardcore enough for the demands of the game. As A.G.Kenjiii?’s feedback experience goes, "the only criticism I have for the game's designers is that it's a bit demanding and hefty, which means a huge portion of the player base won't be able to play it simply due to the limitations of their devices."

A case in point is A.G.gushi2031 whose feedback experience of MetalCore is that "the game was easy to learn but having a hard time with the control because my PC has low specs and bit laggy, hoping someday they will optimize it well for low ends PCs." Echoing A.G.gushi2031’s feedback experience is A.G.BOKUNOGATARI, who finds “the game a bit heavy and demanding, so a big player base won't be able to play it only because of the specs of their devices."

Well guys, Avocadude says it's time to gear up to go hardcore to play with the big boys in MetalCore.

Cons: Need for Tutorial Gameplay Guide and Technical Bug Fixes

It may not be rocket science, but understanding the core mechanics of Metal Core is no walk in the park for players. As A.G.ndyyandi4’s feedback experience goes, perhaps the developers of MetalCore can "provide tips on tools there so that new players can understand the features better."

Another player having to bite the metal dust was A.G.gushi2031, who did not "have much of an idea about the crafting system cause it's so messy for me thinking this will be the mechanics for Play-to-Earn." On the point of MetalCore being a Play-to-Earn game, A.G.noah commented that he "couldn't find collectible NFTs" in the game. Perhaps this was why A.G.muhammedali2128 wondered about "how to make money easily?" in MetalCore.

Wonder no more, Avocadude says go and get a head start to learning about MetalCore at our Core Platform.

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Core Platform (Source: Avocado DAO)

Last but not least, there were rather unsurprisingly, some bugs in the Open World Alpha 2 playtest experience. A.G.gushi2031 encountered “delays in firing weapons and quests which can't be finished.” Avocadude emphatizes with A.G.gushi2031, as there’s nothing more frustrating for a gamer than being unable to play the endgame.


All in all, MetalCore stands out with its epic graphics and sound effects though this is also the game’s Achilles heel of sorts as it results in the game's rather high minimum system requirements. That said, the developers of MetalCore are on the right track with the design and structure for the gameplay mechanics. With the addition of some tutorial gameplay guides for players and sorting out the technical bug fixes, MetalCore could soon be shaking the Play-to-Earn domain to the core. Hasta la vista, metal heads.