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A Primer on Illuvitars

Iluvitars are NFT profile pictures comprising three different hand-drawn expressions that double up as customizable avatars which come with utilities in the games comprising the Illuvium ecosystem. Featuring a random background, each Illuvitar comes with five slots, namely head, body, skin, props, and eyes that can be equipped with accessories from the relevant category.

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Customized Illuvitars (Source. Illuvium.io)

Additional customization options are offered in the form of two available finishes, namely colour and holo. Collectively, these accessories and finishes render no two Illuvitars to be alike as each would be uniquely distinctive in their own special ways. Soon, Illuvitars would be granting exclusive features to players through Illuvium Beyond that is set to be launched on 7 March 2023. Mark your calendars, Illuvium fans.

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Illuvium Beyond Launch Date (Source: Illuvium.io)

Going Beyond the Ordinary with Illiuvium Beyond

As a collectible card game, Illuvium Beyond allows you to engage in competitions to collect the most powerful Illuvitar NFTs to be added to your collection. Developed using the industry-leading technologies of Immutable X (ZK-rollup scaling infrastructure), Binance (fiat payment gateway), and Chainlink (warranting the fairness and transparency of the raffles winner selection process using Verifiable Random Function), Illuvium Beyond features two key components namely Illuvitars Core and Illuvitars Album.

Illuvitars Core

At the heart of Illuvium Beyond is Illuvitars Core that comes with the triple features of Illuvitar D1sks as well as Illuvitars' bonding and synergies.

  • Illuvitar D1sks

In line with Illuvium's Interoperable Blockchain Game (IBG) system, Illuvitars together with their accessories and borders as well as emotes would be featured in your profile picture across all games in the Illuvium ecosystem. In order to have access to Illuvitars Core, you would need to acquire an Illuvitar D1sk from IlluviDEX.

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Illuvitar D1sks (Source: Illuvium.io)

  • Acquiring Illuvitar D1sks

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A How to Guide for Illuvium Beyond (Source: Illuvium.io)

Based on the official guide for Illuvium Beyond, the steps to acquiring Illuvitar D1sks are as below.

  1. Navigate to IlluviDEX and connect your wallet or Illuvium.io account.

  2. Make sure you have funds deposited into your Layer 2 IMX wallet and that you have created an account and logged into the Illuvidex website.

  3. Once you're connected to the Illuvidex website, click on the "Buy Now" option below the D1sk you want to purchase.

  4. In the next menu, select the number of D1sks you wish to purchase. Once you have added your desired D1sks to your cart, click "Purchase."

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Illuvitar D1sk (Source: Illuvium.io)

  1. Choose to pay with either ETH or sILV2, where sILV2 is equal to the current price of ILV.

  2. Complete the transaction by signing and confirming the message flow.

  3. Once the transaction is complete, you will be directed to a D1sk buying confirmation page. From here, you can do either of the following below.

    (a) Load your D1sk in preparation for its opening

    (b) Return to the Illuvitars sale menu, or

    (c) Check out the Launch Party.

You can choose not to open your D1sk immediately as you can always open them later, or sell them on the secondary market on Illuvidex.

  • Opening Illuvitar D1sks

If you choose to open your Illuvitar D1sks, the steps based on the official guide for Illuvium Beyond are as below.

  1. After completing the checkout flow, click on "Load D1sk" to open your D1sk.

  2. Choose either the Mega D1sk or Standard D1sk depending on what you purchased.

  3. Click "Load" and enjoy the Mozart animation of your D1sk loading its contents.

  4. After loading, you will see five cards face down. Choose to reveal them all at once or click on each card individually.

  5. After all cards are revealed, choose to load another D1sk or return to your assets inventory.

After opening your D1sks, you can start bonding with your Illuvitars.

  • Illuvitars' Bonding

Bonding refers to the process in which you can customize your Illuvitars with accessories. These accessories enable you to personalize your Illuvitars and boost their Power Ratings. Based on the official guide for Illuvium Beyond, the steps for bonding accessories with Illuvitars are as below.

  1. Navigate to the "Profile" page under the account menu in the top right of the screen.

  2. Use the filter to narrow down your Illuvitar search or scroll through all your Illuvitars and select the one you want to bond.

  3. Click on "Bond" on the Illuvitar you wish to bond.

  4. In the bonding menu, customize your Illuvitar with the accessories available in your inventory.

  5. Once you have your Illuvitar customised, click the "Bond" button.

  6. The subsequent 2 steps of the process are as below.

    (a) Firstly, there is the burning of your accessories and Illuvitar, and

    (b) Secondly, there is the minting of your new bonded Illuvitar,

  7. Once completed, you can assign your new Illuvitar to your profile picture that will be used in the Illuvium Universe, you can choose to bond another Illuvitar.

You should take note that the process of bonding accessories with Illuvitars is permanent as it cannot be undone. As its not possible to unbond accessories, you may want to properly consider and think twice before bonding any accessories to your Illuvitars. Once bonded, these accessories would be an indelible part of your Illuvitars' individualities. After we're done with bonding time, its Synergy time.

  • Illuvitars' Synergies

Synergies can be attained by completing Illuvitars collections such as the Fire Synergy collection. There are more than 100 collections of varying degree of difficulties to complete. For example, the Illuvial Line collection which contains all the Illuvitars from a particular line is relatively easier to complete.

In contrast, the Affinity collection which features Illuvitars of a specific element affinity is comparatively more difficult to complete. Although their level of difficulties may differ but the goal is the same, that is to complete the collections for the attaining of synergies.

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Illuvitars Set 1 Collection (Source: Illuvium.io)

The attaining of synergies enables you to reach certain milestones. These milestones would enable you to earn collection rewards such as extra Album Points as well as receive borders (which make Illuvitars pop up in profile pictures), and emotes (which are emoticons that can be equipped on profile pictures).

In a nutshell, you would need to open your D1sks to obtain Illuvitars. You can then bond with your Illuvitars by equipping them with accessories. Thereafter, its time for attaining Illuvitars' Synergies by completing Illuvitars collections. The completed collections can then be stored in your Illuvitars Album.

  • Illuvitars Album

The Illuvitars Album is where you store your Illuvitars collections. As your Illuvitars collection grows, you would receive Album Points which you can use to unlock rare Illuvitars that have higher Power Ratings. In this way, the accumulation of Album Points plays a key role in helping you secure a higher Rank in the Leaderboard. The top 100 players get the bragging rights as their Username, Rank, and Total Album Points would be displayed on the Leaderboard.

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Leaderboard Ranking (Source: Illuvium.io)

The launch party of Illuvium Beyond on 7 March 2023 is a 24-hour event that would be featuring a jam-packed bonanza itinerary including D1sks openings as well as non-stop special guests and fun surprises. Topping it off are the music vibes and community giveaways in the form of exclusive emotes rewards for all who purchased D1sks during the party upon the reaching of the sales milestone of 5,000 D1sks.

To join in on the fun, just head over to Illuvium: Beyond -24-Hour Launch Party YouTube video page and click on "Notify Me" to receive updates on how to get in on the action.

It's certainly an event not to be missed, so see you there.