War Legends

War Legends: Conquer the Frantic 4v4 Battlefields with the Tactical Tank Gameplay of this Thrilling MOBA

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    Key Highlights
    • War Legends is a military-themed blockchain-powered MOBA game set in a Metaverse world where WW2 had never ended.
    • Pick your Heroes, Abilities, and Tanks NFTs from the War Legends marketplace.
    • Use your Heroes, Abilities, and Tanks NFTs to fight in War Legends' multiplayer battles comprising eight players from two teams with four players.
    • Destroy the opposing team's tanks, towers, and base to achieve victory with your team in War Legends' multiplayer battles to earn $WAR tokens.
    • Use your $WAR earnings to enter tournaments and purchase Seasonal Battle Passes and Loot Boxes that contain rare Heroes, Abilities, and Tanks NFTs.

    In War Legends, you will find tanks in the form of NFTs. These are combat tanks that are based on the real representation of historical vehicles that were used on each side. These tanks have different characteristics that will make a real difference when used on the battlefield, apart from just establishing the basis of each player’s role in battle. Players can define their own destiny with a slow-moving, powerful Gunner-class of a Gier I, for example, or can utilize a much quicker, however, less powerful T-34. They can also support other allies by utilizing a Sherman Firefly; it is ultimately up to the player to decide.

    Another form of NFTs is the Heroes, which can play a huge role in the game as well. Players can lead their teams with famous characters from the second world war, and these NFTs include heroes that are designed by the crypto artist known as Gehena. These NFT heroes all have special abilities that get passively applied to the player at the start of each game, and each of them can define the rarity of the skill slots that allow players the ability to equip higher quality skills before the battle.

    Ability cards are ability NFTs which have active skills that the player can pick prior to starting a game. These are limited to the quality of the slots of the Equipped Hero. Depending on their rarity level, the general statistics get increased.