Walken: Boost Your Healthy Lifestyle with This Web3 Physical Activity Gamification App

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    Riding on the M2E movement, Walken is a FitFi application that incentives users to undertake real-life sports activities in return for crypto earnings in the form of the Walken ($WLKN) token. You can use the Walken Platform to enter into various fitness-themed battles against other users. The winners of these battlers would receive WLKN tokens that can be used to level up their CAThelete NFTs. Alternatively, you can opt to convert your everyday fitness activities into WLKN tokens by using your mobile or wearable device to track your steps. 1,000 steps would get you 1 in-game $GEM that can be used to upgrade the Speed, Strength, and Stamina stats of your CAThelete to boost their battle performances.