WAGMI Defense

Build Towers and Deploy Troops To Defend and Conquer in WAGMI Defense, A Strategic Tower Defense.

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    Key Highlights
    • Dive into the 3022’s Futuristic Battle of Wagmi Defense by Wagmi Games, a tower defense game where your mission is to safeguard the world from alien invaders seeking Earth’s NiFe core.
    • Choose your side between Aliens or Humans. Protect your towers using troop deployment and set up traps and air units.
    • Forge your offense from arrays of troops, traps, and air units.
    • Each victory gives you NiFe rewards, empowering you to upgrade your cards, towers, and power-ups to overcome more challenging opponents.
    • Join the exciting PvP clashes to earn gold, NiFe, and relics. Enrich your gameplay by uncovering the coveted loot boxes for game-enhancing items.

    The year is 3022. Aliens have invaded our planet to steal the core’s element NiFe which is the last resource in the galaxy to save their species. The humans have joined forced from around the globe to form the WAGMI DEFENSE ``We're All Gonna Make It.” Hand drawn by artist MaddSketch, 3022 NFTs represent the characters you will be able to play within the game: WAGMI DEFENSE.