WAGMI Defense

Build Towers and Deploy Troops To Defend and Conquer in WAGMI Defense, A Strategic Tower Defense.

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    Key Highlights

    • Dive into the 3022’s Futuristic Battle of Wagmi Defense by Wagmi Games, a tower defense game where your mission is to safeguard the world from alien invaders seeking Earth’s NiFe core.
    • Choose your side between Aliens or Humans. Protect your towers using troop deployment and set up traps and air units.
    • Forge your offense from arrays of troops, traps, and air units.
    • Each victory gives you NiFe rewards, empowering you to upgrade your cards, towers, and power-ups to overcome more challenging opponents.
    • Join the exciting PvP clashes to earn gold, NiFe, and relics. Enrich your gameplay by uncovering the coveted loot boxes for game-enhancing items.

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