Voxie Tactics

Join the epic battles of Voxie Tactics, a free-to-play, play-to-earn tactical RPG with 10 races, 20 classes, and unique Voxies NFTs. Explore, quest, and earn rewards in the 3D world.

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Voxie Tactics is a tactical RPG game that integrates the Voxies NFT project and is free-to-play as well as play-to-earn. With 10 different races and over 20 unique classes to choose from, you will assemble your squad of up to 10,000 unique Voxies. Each Voxie has its own mix of distinct attributes and offers a variety of different skills as well as abilities on the 3D tile-based battlefield. Take your Voxies into the game and compete against other Voxies for exciting rewards like Item NFTs and VOXEL tokens. If you're looking for a break free from the strategic battles of this game, a 3D exploration mode allows you to explore the world of Voxie Tactics. The game allows you to interact with other NPCs, purchase weapons for your character, take part in quests, and so much more.

Key Highlights
  • Voxie Tactics is a retro-styled, Final Fantasy Tactics-inspired, turn-based tactical 3D RPG set in Voxchain.
  • Start your journey in Voxie Tactics by traversing the multiple unique locations across the seven biomes in PvE mode.
  • Battle against computer-controlled enemies and villains to earn $VOXEL tokens and NFT items such as weapons.
  • Use the $VOXEL tokens earned on your exploration gameplay in Voxie Tactics to enter the PvP Arena (Draft Mode). The last player standing wins.
  • Up your game to qualify for Voxie Tactic's Extreme Arena, where you will be immediately placed into one of five tiers based on your win/loss ratio.
How to play Voxie Tactics (1) Game World

The Voxchain is an exciting new world full of possibilities, and now you have the chance to shape its destiny. You'll join forces with fellow Voxies to take on third party intermediaries while unlocking the mystery of the Voxchain.

Immerse yourself in the vast universe of Voxie Tactics and explore its vast lands filled with many different types of creatures. As you progress, uncover the backstory of Voxchain and discover countless hidden surprises that lay in wait for you.

So if you're ready for some classic turn-based RPG gameplay combined with modern blockchain mechanics, jump into Voxie Tactics today.

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Collect, Battle, and Earn! (Source:

(2) Voxies

Voxies are collectible 3D voxel NFTs that live and play on the Ethereum blockchain. With only 10,000 Voxies in existence, each one has its own set of random attributes that make it stand out from the rest. There are 20 different attributes namely Accessory, Background, Bottom Costume, Class, Companion, Effect, Emote, Eye Color, Ghost, Ground, Hair Color, Hair Style, Hat, Item, Outline, Personality, Race, Skin Tone, and Top Costume.

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Voxies Avatars (Source:

When it comes to playing Voxie Tactics, there are two different types of Voxies that can be used namely the stock ones provided by the game and the Voxie NFTs which can be purchased from the secondary market on OpenSea. Both these options provide access to the gameplay but differ in the rewards they offer.

With free-to-play Voxies, you can play the game without any initial investment and you will still earn various rewards such as VOXEL tokens and NFT items. However, if you opt for owning and playing a Voxie NFT, you'll be able to earn those rewards at a higher rate, and receive many more perks as explained in the "NFTs" section below.

Any upgrades or changes to your Voxie NFTs in-game will be strictly in-game only. Your original Voxie NFTs will remain unchanged and can still be freely sold as well as traded on the open and secondary markets. Plus, any additional NFTs that you collect or are rewarded with in the game such as weapons or cosmetic costumes can also be sold and traded separately from your original Voxie NFT.

Note: A player is NOT required to own a Voxie NFT character in order to play either the exploration (PvE) mode or the Extreme Arena (PVP) mode.

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Voxies (Source: Avocado Dao)

(3) Game Modes (a) Exploration (PvE)

Are you ready to explore the vast world of Voxie Tactics? In Exploration Mode, you'll get to start your journey through the game's vibrant universe.

You'll traverse multiple unique locations and play through tons of exciting and challenging questlines. There are a total of 7 biomes namely Grassy Hills, Desert, Snowy Tundra, Swamps, Volcanic Mountains, Cybernetic Realm, and Underground Caverns. Each biome has its own backstory and NPCs who gives players tons of content to chew through

And best of all, it doesn't end there! You'll also get to take part in thrilling battles against computer-controlled enemies and villains, with unique rewards like VOXEL Tokens and special NFT items for you to collect as you go.

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Exploration (Source:

(b) Battling (PvP)

Your Voxies are part of a grand chessboard that moves in calculated, measured steps with each one building up to victory or defeat. Which Voxie will go first? It all depends on their statistics and special abilities. Each action taken has a ripple effect, resulting in new opportunities for other Voxies to make their move. Your team is efficient and effective when they act together, using the right strategy to progress towards the ultimate goal.

The Voxie Tactics PVP mode is further categorized into The Arena (Draft Mode) and The Extreme Arena. Each mode will have its own benefits and prize structure, allowing players to compete against their friends and other players from around the world. The top gun Voxie will get the chance to win amazing rewards such as VOXEL tokens and NFT items.

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The Arena (Draft Mode) and The Extreme Arena (Source: Avocado Dao)

(i) The Arena (Draft Mode)

The Arena is free-to-play. Every season, 12 free-to-play Voxie characters of varying races and classes will enter the arena to battle it out with 24 weapons and items. The rules are simple. Each team has three Voxies, and whichever team manages to knock out all the opponent's Voxies first, wins.

You’ll be presented with a random selection of 6 Voxie characters and 12 weapons to choose from. You must select 3 characters and 6 weapons to create your party for each Arena entry. This party will remain with you throughout your arena journey, unless you choose to use one of your lives to ‘reroll’ and create a new team. Every player starts with three 'lives' before being eliminated. Rack up as many wins as you can before your time is up.

There is no single ‘meta build’ that will guarantee success. Rather, the challenge lies in forming an effective party from whatever characters and weapons you’re given. At the end of each season, the Voxie characters and items will be refreshed by the game with new Voxie characters and weapon or item combinations.

You'll have to pay a VOXEL Token fee to enter the Arena. Although the entrance fee requires payment in VOXEL Tokens, it is free to play because you can acquire VOXEL Tokens by completing quests in the game itself. Once you have acquired VOXEL Tokens, you can then use them to enter tournaments and competitions in the game.

Rewards are abound within the VOXEL Arena as there are five ranking tiers, each one offering higher rewards than the last. The highest reward tier you reach during the season determines your reward output, in the form of both VOXEL Tokens and NFT weapons as well as items. Even if you get knocked out of the game, you can always enter again subject to the payment of the entrance fee in VOXEL Tokens.

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Draft Arena Rewards Pool (Source:

(ii) The Extreme Arena

The Extreme Arena is free to play. Players can use the same stock characters found in the draft mode arena. Additionally, players can use any previously owned items or Voxies NFTs of all rarities such as Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Godly to get the edge in combat.

In this Extreme Arena format, players are immediately placed into one of five tiers based on their win/loss ratio. This ranking system is important as it gives players a % bonus of the PVE earn rate for Voxies as discussed in the Earning and Rewards section. Prizes will be given out each season for ladder tier scores and for the top 100 ELO individuals though this is subject to change based on the size of the Extreme Arena. Matchmaking takes into account the tier rankings of each player and will automatically select the closest ranked opponent if there are no players available in the same tier.

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Extreme Arena Rewards Pool (Source:

(c) Winning Conditions

The most common way to win is simply defeating all enemies on the battlefield, Other ways are by achieving objectives such as rescuing an NPC character from the enemy team, surviving a certain number of turns without being defeated by the enemy team, or even reaching a specific point on the map with your party.

Additionally, there are several conditions that can cause an instant loss for you in battle maps such as certain key characters on your team (or NPCs) getting knocked out. Not only that, you will lose if your victory objective isn’t completed within a certain number of turns, or the enemy team completes a certain action or objective before you can stop them.

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Defeat all enemies (Source: Avocado Dao)

(4) Gameplay Controls (a) Turn Phases

During each player turn, there are 3 types of actions a Voxie can take whether separately or together namely moves, actions, and equipping.

  • A MOVE action allows them to traverse the map, enabling them to gain strategic advantages in combat. With precise positioning and clever maneuvering, Voxies can take advantage of their environment and outsmart their enemies.
  • An ACTION is used to make an attack, use a special ability or cast a spell to get an edge in combat. Although usually offensive in nature, there are other options such as defending, or using a special ability that may be beneficial in different scenarios.
  • The EQUIP action allows Voxies to switch up their gear mid-battle, giving them the opportunity to use the right tool for the job. However, this uses up the Voxie's action phase, so they won't be able to attack in the same turn after switching equipment.

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Move, Action, Equip (Source: Avocado Dao)

While in battle, it’s important to know when your Voxies will take their turns so that you can plan accordingly. Just head to the Options menu and find the Turn Order Toggle. This will give you an up-to-date overview of the turn order queue, including all actions and skills that are waiting to be utilized.

(b) Facing Direction

The battlefield is a chaotic place, but there's one thing every Voxie must do to maximize their chances of survival and that is by choosing their facing direction wisely.

The facing direction of a Voxie affects a number of different aspects of battle, with the most drastic being the success chance of melee attacks. Attacking from behind results in the highest hit percentage, while attacking from the front yields the lowest. Attacking from either side offers a slightly higher chance of success compared to frontal assaults.

At the end of each turn which consists of movement and action phases, the player has the option of choosing their Voxie's facing direction before the next character's turn. Carefully choosing the right facing direction can give a Voxie an edge in combat, providing greater combat advantages that could mean victory in a close fight.

(c) Charging Attacks

The ACTION phase of a turn in Voxie Tactics can be a crucial moment to decide the fate of your game. During this phase, you may choose a spell or ability that takes more than one turn to execute. These skills and spells take time to charge before they can be used, and are added to a queue.

When casting spells with delayed effects, it is important to check that the target will still be within the area of effect when the spell or ability executes. Powerful mages can cast spells that deal great damage, but if the target isn't in range by the time the spell has charged, then all that work would be for nothing. Similarly, physical skills also require careful consideration. If your Voxie needs time to prepare, make sure that the target is still there and waiting when the ability is ready to be deployed.

(5) Gameplay Elements (a) Terrain

Each type of tile and terrain feature has unique effects on how your Voxie moves, fights and interacts with the environment.

For instance, stepping onto higher ground gives your Voxie an advantage in combat by affording increased attack damage or increased defense. On the other hand, standing on lower ground will give your Voxie an unfortunate penalty when facing off against an opponent on a higher tile.

There are some other elements to consider as well. Certain tiles offer special elemental bonuses for standing on them. For instance, if you have an Ice Voxie in the Snowy Tundra biome, they can take advantage of additional bonus damage or immunity from ice damage. No matter where your adventure may take you in this world of Voxies, it pays to watch your step because every new terrain feature could have its own surprises in store.

(b) Stats

Your Voxie’s stats are the core of any successful battle strategy. Base stats such as Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, and Health all play an important role in determining how well your Voxie will perform in combat. Leveling up your Voxie will also increase these base stats and give them more power.

Furthermore, equipping your Voxie with powerful weapons and armor can also help boost their base stats. Wielding a powerful sword, for example, can increase your Voxie's Strength stat and allow them to do more damage when attacking.

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Challenger Sword with Damage Stats of up to 65 and Strength Stats of 24 (Source:

Understanding the different stats of your Voxie and how they affect gameplay is crucial if you want to be effective during battles. So take some time to familiarize yourself with these base stats and equip your Voxie for victory.

(i) Strength

Are you looking to become a powerful force in the world of Voxie Tactics? Then strength is your best friend. Strength can be used for a number of physical attacks whether it be a melee attack, ranged attack, or special skill. By harnessing the power of strength, you'll increase the amount of damage your character can do on opponents. Classes that rely heavily on strength include Warriors, Knights, Robo, and Monsters.

(ii) Dexterity

Dexterity is a stat that describes how flexible and versatile your character can be in combat, and is used to calculate the hit chance as well as the critical hit rates of attacks. It's also useful for evasion and dodge calculations. Classes such as Ranger, Hawknight, Samurai and Ninja rely on Dexterity as their main stat.

(iii) Intelligence

Intelligence is the gauge of how wise your Voxie is, and this wisdom directly affects the damage of magical attacks and other magic-based skills. Mages, Druids, Priests, Black Mages, Necromancers, and Chemists are all classes that rely heavily on Intelligence as their key stat.

(iv) Luck

Luck is a highly useful stat as it can be incredibly useful for both exploration and battle modes. For instance, those with high luck have greater chances of landing critical hits, even if their dexterity is not so great as this makes it easier for such players to come out on top during a fight. Even outside of battles, luck can still be beneficial. Finding rare loot or rewards in exploration mode is much easier when you have strong luck. Luck is the main stat used for some classes such as Pirates, Bards, and Thieves.

(v) Armor

Armor is a critical stat in the survival of Voxies during combat, offering them protection from enemy attacks. Every Voxie has a base level of armor to start with, which can then be enhanced by equipping various armor items such as Mage’s Robes for mages or Knight’s Shield for knights. The higher the armor value of a Voxie, the less damage they will take when attacked.

(vi) Health and Magic

Every Voxie has a base amount of health (HP) and magic (MP). HP is used to indicate the life of a Voxie, while MP acts as an energy meter for using spells and abilities. Different classes require different energy meters depending on their abilities.

For example, mages such as Black Mage and Priest use MP or Mana Points to cast spells and use special abilities. Warriors, Monsters, and Knights use Rage, while Thieves and Ninjas use Combo Points. Samurai use Focus, whereas Robots rely on Charge to power up.

Each meter can be recharged depending on the class. For example, Mages must drink an ether potion to restore MP while Robos must power down to recharge. No matter what class you choose, it's important to pay attention to your energy meter so that your Voxie can keep fighting on the battlefield.

(vii) Knocked Out

Knocking out a Voxie in battle is not the end of their journey just yet. When a Voxie's health reaches 0, they are incapacitated but still have a chance to be resurrected by an ally during the fight.

This can be done simply by targeting that Voxie with the Healing Magic ability of the Priest class and then returning them to battle with full health. If the Voxie remains unconscious for a certain number of turns, however, a countdown timer of the number of turns left to resurrect will appear above them. Once the timer reaches zero, the Voxie will be removed from the battlefield permanently, so make sure you act quickly if you want to bring back your fallen comrade.

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Stats for Voxies (Source:

(c) Leveling

Leveling up your Voxies in Voxie Tactics is one of the most rewarding aspects of the game and allows you to progress through different stages of improvements for your characters. Every successful action you take during battles, such as attacking or casting spells, will grant your Voxies experience points. When they reach a certain threshold, they will be able to level up and gain even more powerful abilities as well as stats.

Levelling up characters in Voxie is an essential part of the game. Not only does it increase the base stats and power of your character's combat abilities, but it allows you to equip more advanced weapons and items that have level restrictions. The main statistics that are increased when you level up your Voxie character include Health (HP), Magic (MP or other energy meters), Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence.

However, the stats of Armor, Movement, and Luck will not automatically increase as your Voxie levels up. Instead, these must be augmented through equipping better gear or specific stat augments.

It is also worth noting that the different classes in Voxie Tactics have varying stat increases when they level up. While all classes will receive some increase in each stat, certain classes such as Mages tend to benefit more from Intelligence-based increases.

Warriors typically gain more Strength when they level up. The level cap of a Voxie in Voxie Tactics is currently set at 20, with key milestones during levels 5, 10, 15 and 20. At these milestones you can switch classes for a nominal VOXEL Token fee in the Voxie Tactics marketplace.

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Leveling up your Voxies (Source:

(d) Switching Classes

For a nominal VOXEL Token fee, you will be able to switch the in-game class for your Voxies that would be unlocked after reaching levels 5, 10, 15 and 20. With every class change, you will gain access to the skills and abilities of the new class. But don't worry as even if you decide to switch classes, you will still keep the same source Voxie NFT which will never change its metadata. You'll be able to only trade or sell your original class to other players in the secondary NFT marketplace.

However, only Voxie NFTs are eligible to change classes. Any free-to-play Voxie characters that players recruit in the game will not be able to switch classes.

Class changes are limited to certain groupings. These groupings include Magic Users (Black Mage, White Mage, Priest, Necromancer), Tank Fighters (Squire, Knight, Warrior, Ninja), Utility Characters (Ranger, Monk, Bard, Druid, Thief) and Special Classes (Robots, Monsters, Time Mage, Samurai, Chemist, Pirate, Hawknight which cannot be changed from or into any other class).

By having these restrictions on class changes, it ensures that the game stays balanced and fair.

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Voxie Class Switching (Source:

(e) Weapons and Items

The world of Voxie Tactics is filled with hundreds of weapons and items that can be utilized to achieve victory in battle. Whether you’re a new recruit learning the ropes or a seasoned veteran getting ready for war, make sure to equip yourself with knowledge about all the weapons and items available in Voxie Tactics. It could be the difference between achieving victory and suffering defeat on the battlefield.

Players can obtain weapons and items both as NFTs or non-NFTs from playing the game. The NFTs weapons and items can be traded with other players in the Voxie Tactics marketplace.

(i) Rarity Tiers of Weapons and Items

In Voxie Tactics, players will be able to craft their own weapons and items as well as customize them by infusing damage or effects types to improve their rarity tier. Weapons with higher rarity tiers will inflict more damage compared to those on the lower tiers. Every weapon within the same rarity tier will have different damage ranges and stat increase capabilities, making each weapon unique in its own way.

The arsenal of Voxie Tactics includes unnamed and customizable weapons such as Katanas and Broadswords as well as named weapons with specific abilities and effects. Some weapons and items will exist only in very limited quantities. Discovering them will take determination and skill from players willing to put the effort into it.

Note: Crafting is coming in a future update to Voxie Tactics and will not be available in the initial 1.0 release.

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Crafting Interface (Source:

(ii) Equipment Change

Players can change a Voxie's equipment in the party roster screen, and even during battles. Changing your Voxie's equipment in the party roster or during battle can be a great way to customize your Voxie and give you an edge against your opponents. However, it should not be done hastily as each time you use the EQUIP function, you will use up all of your current turn's ACTION phase. This means that if you decide to equip an item, your Voxie will now have to wait a full turn before they can take any kind of action again.

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Equipping new weapons and armor (Source:

(g) Damage Effects and Elemental Types

In battle, the most basic distinction between attacks is whether they are MELEE, RANGED, or MAGICAL. Here's what each type entails.

  • Melee: Attacks that are carried out when directly adjacent to your enemy but beware, as they can also be countered with a counter-attack.
  • Ranged: Attacks that are carried out from a distance and generally cannot be countered.
  • Magical: Unique skills and abilities that are "cast" by Voxies.

In the game, elements are an important aspect of attacks and abilities. They not only provide additional damage to a target but can also apply aftereffects that can be particularly useful for a successful battle strategy. The elemental types in the game are Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, Lightning, Poison, Holy, Dark (Unholy).

  • Fire – Inflicts the Burn status effect.
  • Water – Has slowing properties.
  • Ice – Creates the Freeze effect.
  • Wind – Has additional knockback potential.
  • Lightning – Shocks enemies, potentially stunning them.
  • Poison – Inflicts the Poison status effect which periodically damages the target.
  • Holy – Inflicts additional damage to the undead.
  • Dark (Unholy) – Used by necromancers for unholy magic.

In Voxie Tactics, knowing how to use status effects is a key component of becoming a master tactician. Whether it's impairing your enemies with debuffs or using buffs to give yourself an edge in battle, understanding these effects is key to victory.

Some examples of status effects are as below.

  • Haste – Makes Voxies have their turn phase quicker.
  • Stop – Stops Voxies from moving and taking actions for a certain number of turns.
  • Stone – Petrifies a character and turns them to stone.
  • Regen – Applies a beneficial buff that heals periodically.
  • Frozen – Encases a target in pure ice, stopping them from acting.
  • Confusion – Causes a target to randomly move and attack.
  • Sleep – Puts a target to sleep until they are awoken to fight again.

When it comes to weapons and items in Voxie Tactics, there are a variety of elemental types that you can use to gain an edge in battle. Knowing which elemental type works best on a particular target could help players achieve success, as some elements have additional bonuses or immunities associated with them.

Depending on the enemy's attunement to particular elements, they may be immune to certain elements but take bonus damage from others such as an Ice Titan boss in a Snow/Tundra biome being immune to ice damage yet taking bonus damage from Fire or Burn effects.

Knowing these various elemental types and their interactions with different targets is crucial for succeeding in Voxie Tactics, so be sure to use them wisely.

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An enemy that is frozen is unable to perform any movement or actions (Source:

(f) Companion Pets

In Voxie Tactics, companion pets provide far more than just an exciting collectible challenge for players as they also lend a helping hand when it comes to exploration and battle mode. With 20 standard and some exceptional companion pets, you can customize your play experience by choosing which pet best fits your style.

Each pet will have one unique exploration ability and one unique in-battle ability such as being able to detect hidden items on the map, or providing extra defense against enemy attacks. You can choose the one that best suits your needs in any given situation.

Each Voxie can take one companion pet into battle, and these pets are limited to the number of characters in a battle. For example, if there are 3 party members in a battle, each of them can equip a single companion pet to aid them.

Plus, you can equip any companion pet you own to any Voxie in your party before a battle. Once chosen, the companion pet will remain with the Voxie for the entirety of the battle, so be sure to pick wisely.

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Cute Collectible Pets (Source:

(6) Earning and Rewards

Exploring the world of Voxie Tactics is a thrilling experience that you won't soon forget. From completing quests and encountering difficult enemies to discovering new biomes and collecting rewards, there's always something to do. And the best part is, you can earn VOXEL Tokens and NFT item drops while doing it.

Each quest you complete or enemy you encounter will give you random rewards, with harder tasks giving higher rewards. You can also enhance your experience by using passive abilities to find treasure more easily or collect various pets that can help you out in Exploration mode.

The Hub World serves as an entry point into the various biomes in the Voxie Tactics world. Here you'll find NPCs who can advise and guide you on your adventures. Each biome is free-to-enter and offers its own unique rewards, If you're looking for something specific, make sure to explore all the different biomes.

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Steps to Earn Voxel Tokens (Source:

Winning battles in Voxie Tactics is incredibly rewarding, but it's important to note that the difficulty tier and reward modifiers will influence the randomness of your rewards. The rewards you receive depend on a few aspects such as Voxie Rarity, Stats, Equipment, Companion Pets, Class Abilities and your ELO Ranking.

The higher the rarity of your Voxie, the better the reward rate. Similarly, having a high Luck stat and equipping yourself with special items such as the Diamond, DogeCoin, Coin and Trophy will also boost your reward rates.

If you're a Pirate class player, you'll be able to enjoy even higher reward rates thanks to the multiplier afforded by your class abilities. Similarly, your ranking in the Extreme Arena as determined by both your Tier and ELO score will affect your reward rates as well.

If you’re victorious, you’ll receive a summary report that outlines any rewards you’ve earned, including both NFT items and VOXEL Tokens. These rewards will then be sent directly to your wallet!

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Battle Summary (Source:

(7) Game Economy

The Voxie Tactics Marketplace allows players to safely and securely buy, sell, loan, trade and craft Voxie assets. This will be represented both through an in-game interface and a web interface on a traditional marketplace website.

(a) Buying / Selling / Trading

Players will be able to buy and sell either in direct sales, private sales, or public timed auctions through the in-game marketplace. Players have the freedom to fully own, buy and sell their assets.

Additionally, players will also be able to trade Voxie NFTs, in-game items, weapon NFTs and virtual-only items such as consumables or crystals with other players via the in-game marketplace. Voxie Tactics will use APIs to keep track of the most recent sales of the items and an average of the current prices of the items available to determine fee value.

(b) Loaning

Players will be able to loan their Voxie NFTs as well as their in-game weapons and items to other players for a fee through the in-game marketplace. They will be able to set the NFTs they want to loan, the loan duration and the loan fee type.

There are 2 main loan functions.

  • Loaner charges an upfront fee to the Loanee.
  • Loaner charges a % of the VOXEL Tokens earned over the duration of the loan.

(c) Crafting

Players will be able to create new NFT weapons and items by combining elements and parts of existing items through the in-game marketplace. The purpose of crafting is to allow players to combine their owned assets to create more powerful and better versions of the weapons they already own.

Crafting will work by allowing the player to combine elements, materials and base items/weapons. The crafting process allows players to create new enhanced versions with better damage types, elemental properties and/or new abilities.

Note: Crafting is coming in a future update to Voxie Tactics and will not be available in the initial 1.0 release.

Image Post
Launching of Voxie's In-Game Marketplace in March 2022 (Source:


Voxies is a NFT project consisting of 10,000 genesis Voxie characters featuring 20 classes, 10 races, 20 Companion types and various physical attributes, weapons, items and visual cosmetic elements. No two Voxie in the NFT series are alike. This makes it perfect for those looking for something truly unique to add to their digital NFT collections.

(a) What Voxies NFTs do

If you're looking for an enhanced playing experience and the chance to earn more rewards than what regular free-to-play Voxies offers, then getting a player-owned Voxie NFT could be just the answer.

With improved RNG (Random Number Generation) in Exploration mode, players can earn rewards such as NFT items and VOXEL tokens at a higher rate than with free-to-play Voxies. You are given four chances to earn a reward after each match, one chance at a bonus VOXEL reward and three additional chances of earning a Voxie Tactics item.

Here’s a breakdown of your chances of earning a reward when winning a battle.

Image Post
Reward (Source:

However, by bringing in Voxies NFTs into the battle, you can increase your base earn rate dramatically and get more rewards. Voxies NFTs come in different rarities, and each one will give you a big bonus percentage when included in your party. For example, if you have 1 Rare Voxies NFT (100% increase) and 1 Common Voxies NFT (70% increase) in your party, then you'll get an impressive 170% increase to your base earn rate.

Here’s a breakdown of the percentage increase for each Voxies NFT rarity tier.

Image Post
Percentage Increase (Source:

To summarize, here’s a table showcasing your earning chances of a team of free-to-play Voxies compared to 4 different teams containing at least 1 Voxie NFT.

Image Post
Earning chance (Source:

In addition to this, some of the NFTs come with pre-packaged weapons, items, and even companion pets. This gives players who purchase these NFTs an advantage over free-to-play players who don't have access to these items. However only the original 10,000 Voxie NFTs will be able to mint (recruit) new next generation Voxie NFTs to boost their value. Minting is not available in the initial 1.0 release of the game but would be made available in a future update.

Note: A player is NOT required to own a Voxie NFT character in order to play either the exploration mode or the PVP arenas and earn VOXEL tokens and NFT items.

(b) How to gain Voxies NFTs

  • Purchasing or renting through the Voxie NFT marketplace or OpenSea
  • Recruitment (not available yet)

(a) What Voxie Tactics NFT Equipment do

In Voxie Tactics, NFT equipment can provide a massive strategic advantage in battles. With hundreds of weapons and items available to equip your Voxies with, you can customize your characters to best suit any given situation. From armors and helmets to wands, bows, shields, and even companion pets, each NFT item has its own unique features and abilities that can help you win battles.

(b) How to gain Voxie Tactics NFT Equipment

  • Purchasing/renting through the Voxie Tactics marketplace or OpenSea
  • Crafting a new one using the Arcanist’s Forge (not available yet)

Voxie Tactics provides a unique, deep strategy and tactical role-playing experience that will challenge your tactical skills to the limits. In addition to its vast array of tactical battles, Voxie Tactics also features a unique exploration mode that blends between the battle action and provides an alternative to PvP combat. This way, it offers something for everyone, from beginner players just exploring the world of turn-based combat to expert players who want to push their tactical skills to the max.

It's also exciting to see Voxie Tactics putting such an emphasis on tokenomics, allowing players to rent out Voxies and items using smart contracts. This opens up a lot of possibilities for owners of digital assets, such as web3 gaming guilds who are looking for a scholarship management system, or just new players looking to try out different classes, weapons, and abilities without having to commit resources to buying them outright.

If you're looking for an engaging and tactical RPG combined with modern blockchain mechanics, then Voxie Tactics is surely worth a try.

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