Titan Hunters

Start Your Hunt-to-Earn Adventure with Titan Hunters' Unique Voxel Graphic Style Addictive Gameplay

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    Key Highlights

    • Titan Hunters is a Diablo and Minecraft-inspired MMORPG based on earning NFTs for fun.
    • Start your hunting journey in Titan Hunters by crafting NFT items such as guns, gears, and charms.
    • Equip your Titan Hunters character with equipment and charms NFTs to participate in adventure battles and boss fights.
    • Equip your character with additional NFT items during boss fights to receive more medals as rewards. Medals boost your rank on the Titan Hunters' leaderboard.
    • The top 500 players on Titan Hunters' leaderboards would receive a mega loot of $TITA tokens and other prizes at the end of each season.

    About Titan Hunters

    Titan Hunters is the world's first NFT-based MMORPG with a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn framework. Inspired by Diablo and Minecraft, you can own, trade, and earn NFTs in Titan Hunters. Join for free, learn, and have fun as you invest and trade with in-game NFTs and $TITA tokens. You can obtain NFT items through crafting, farming, or marketplace purchases using $TITA tokens that you can earn from battles, events, and quests. Engage in adventure, and boss fights to receive medals based on your NFT item count. While you are at it, collect titles to boost your Hunter ranking for more rewards. The top 500 players on the leaderboard receive $TITA tokens and other prizes.