The Sandbox

Discover The Sandbox: NFTs, Land, and Monetization Opportunities for Players to Create and Earn

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  • Casual
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    Pixowl Inc
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    San Francisco, California
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Key Highlights

  • Build, own, and monetize your in-game NFT assets in the virtual gaming world of The Sandbox.
  • Customize your avatar in The Sandbox with outfits, hairstyles, and skin colors. Boost your avatar's attributes with wearables and equipment NFTs.
  • Craft unique gaming experiences using The Sandbox's Game Maker tool to build 3D games. Earn $SAND tokens when other players play your games.
  • Use your $SAND earnings for gaming at Atari's Sunnyvale, shopping at Gucci Vault Land, and partying at the Playboy MetaMansion.
  • Can't get enough of The Sandbox Metaverse? Own a piece of it by buying Land NFTs using $SAND tokens.

Partners & Backers of The Sandbox

  • Liberty City Ventures
  • Galaxy Interactive
  • Alpaca VC
  • Kingsway Capital
  • LG Technology
  • Samsung NEXT
  • Com2Us
  • Polygon Studios
  • True Global Ventures
  • Animoca Brands

About The Sandbox

With the coming to the fore of web3, a buzzword that has been going around is 'Metaverse.' In video gaming, the progenitor who trailblazed the path for using the Metaverse concept was Second Life. Launched in 2003, the theme of Second Life was the creation of personal avatars and building a life around these avatars in the virtual world. Fast forward the sands of time by two decades, and we have The Sandbox. New players must sign up for an account and connect their ERC wallet to start playing the game. Next, its time to customize your avatar that you would be using to play the game. Once your avatar is ready, you can play the game by participating in various activities ranging from gaming, partying to shopping.