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#T he Harvest: Form the Perfect Squad and Conquer the Essence in this Epic Moba Shooter

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In the exhilarating third-person shooter game The Harvest, you and your allies will band together as elite hero characters in this groundbreaking Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. Once you start playing this, you'll realize that it comes jam-packed with battle royale aspects. With 8 distinct ability cards at your fingertips to play with, you'll have the flexibility to alter your playstyle as your fight against foes to level up your hero. As you struggle to survive on the enigmatic O'Ree-Jin planet, you'll cooperate with your allies to gather as much of the incredibly powerful Essence of Life (EoL) as you can during a frantic 10-minute gameplay battle.

After all, the primary gameplay objective of "The Harvest" is to harvest the energy-boosting EoL. Players must select the approach that best suits their playstyle because there are several ways to attain the EoL. These include:

  • Collecting EoL from Extractors
  • Eliminating opposing heroes
  • Attacking the bases of other teams (to take their EoL)
  • Eliminating AI creatures on the planet.

With a gameplay that's sure to keep you engaged and on the edge of your seat, you'll also have access to immersive mechanics like EoL harvesting, card augmentation, and base teleportation to enhance your hero's abilities and gameplay strategy in The Harvest. Optimize your hero’s abilities and plan your gameplay strategy to rise to the challenge and emerge victorious in this thrilling third-person shooter game.

Key Highlights
  • The Harvest is a multi-genre hero-shooter game with MOBA and Battle Royale elements.
  • Team up to form groups of three to participate in PvP battles for the Essence of Life.
  • Secure victory in The Harvest's PvP battles using tactical strategies to optimize your hero's mobility and shooting abilities to defend, attack, capture bases, and kill enemies.
  • Your main enemies in The Havest are the Big Boss Monsters. Take them down for an Essence of Life bonanza.
  • Bind your soul to your truckload of Essence of Life using Binance's Soulbound Tokens that will make you a Soulbound Explorer in The Harvest.
(1) How to play The Harvest (a) Storyline

Players arrive on the planet O'Ree-Jin in a spaceship and are placed in one of four separate bases scattered around the surface. The objective of the game is to gather as much of the Essence of Life as possible, fighting in teams of 3 against each other. The team with the most essence collected after 10 minutes will win.

(b) Choosing a Hero

Upon arriving on the planet, players will select a hero to play as. Each hero has their own unique abilities and strengths, such as Alith the Truthsayer, Duke the Blitzer, Kira the Guardian, and Sahad the Hunter. Players will then begin the game at their assigned base, along with two other teammates.

(1) Alith, the Truthsayer

  • Truthmakers (a dual shotgun)

Lifesteal - steal the opponent’s health by damaging them

  • Dash

Alith swiftly disperses herself a few meters in her direction. Her dash power may be stored up to three times, and she can replenish it periodically.

  • Quantum Blade

The boomerang blade Alith throws penetrates through foes and does damage to each enemy it strikes. Alith can teleport back to the location of the current blade by using the power once more.

Image Post
Alith (Source:

(2) Duke, the Blitzer

  • Dah’Bûm (a rocket launcher)

Explosive Ordinance - Duke's rockets have a large area of damage.

  • Jetpack

Duke turns on his jetpack and launches himself into the air. The jetpack charges every few seconds and may store up to three charges at a time.

  • Power Dive

Opponents in the vicinity are damaged and stunned when Duke crashes into the earth below. Depending on the starting height, the damage inflicted increases.

Image Post
Duke (Source:

(3) Kira, the Guardian

  • Light Needler (a submachine gun)

Overwhelming Barrage - Affected enemies become silenced and are unable to use abilities while Kira deals numerous hits to them.

  • Luminic Projection

Kira casts a forward-moving image of herself. Activate it once more and you can switch position with the projection. When the projection vanishes, it explodes, causing damage and stunning enemies in the surrounding area.

  • Chromatic Barrier

In order to stop incoming harm, Kira places a BARRIER on both herself and an ally. Kira and her ally will be healed if the barrier breaks gradually.

Image Post
Kira (Source:

(4) Sahad, the Hunter

Mushrat (a sniper rifle)

Scoped Rifle - Sahad can hunt his prey using the scope on his rifle, gaining even more accuracy as he is able to zoom in.


Sahad throws a hook in the direction of his intended target. He is immediately pulled toward anything if the hook makes a connection with it. The opponent gets stunned if he hooks them.

Tactical Retreat

In order to increase his mobility, Sahad casts a trap in front of him and lunges backward. Sahad and his companions may see enemies caught in the trap as they become rooted and visible from across barriers.

Image Post
Sahad (Source:

(2) Gameplay

The game is based on team play, with elements of shooting, mobility, and using heroes' abilities to achieve objectives such as defending, attacking, capturing bases, and killing enemies. The map is symmetrical, with geographically similar terrain and the same placement of critical game features such as harvesting points.

(a) The Map

The terrain is symmetrical, both geographically and in terms of the placement of critical game features like harvesting points. Because each hero arrives on the planet in a Spaceship, and the squad randomly starts in one of the bases situated at each corner of the globe.

A symmetric map implies that everything that happens is determined by the actions of each side rather than being a random circumstance.

Image Post
Map (Source:

Each team's bases serve as their primary storage facilities. The essence of the entire team is kept in the base, and the total amount is published openly in the order of the essence obtained. There are various portals scattered across the area that allow players to instantly teleport to the map's center. Monsters will appear in various regions of the battlefield, and players who slay those bosses will get large amounts of the essence as a reward.

Image Post
Absorbing essence from essence extractors (Source:

As shown in the preceding map graphic, there are several harvesting stations (hot spots) scattered over the field (statically on a fixed placement established by the Layout) that contain an essence extractor. Because extractors have a finite pool of essence, players standing near the radius of the impact will collect that essence until it is depleted.

Upon defeating the enemy hero, that essence will not be stripped from the dead opponent; rather, it will be added to the player who conducted the killing.

Simply put, if the player kills an opponent, he will obtain the essence of the deceased.

Image Post
Killing Enemy Heroes (Source:

The base is where the essence of the team is kept. As a result, teams can attack other bases and take the essence of other teams. If a player approaches an enemy base, he will begin harvesting their essence at a certain speed.

Image Post
Assaulting other teams bases (Source:

The speed at which they steal increases as more members of the same team steal the essence (the same way as the harvesters). The phrase "Another team is snatching your base" is used by the game to inform teams when their bases are being taken.

Talk about thrilling…

Monsters will spawn at various locations around the map.

As a reward for defeating such bosses, players will gain substantial amounts of essence, and other awards are being considered for the future. For instance, defeating bosses can enable players to retrieve abandoned cards.

Image Post
Killing creatures from the planet (Source:

(b) End Goal

The ultimate goal of the game is to harvest as much of the Essence of Life as possible, as this is the key to winning the game. The Essence is important as it allows players to gain an advantage over their opponents and ultimately secure victory.

(4) DeQuest x The Harvest Partnership

Due to a record-breaking 20k members in discord, as well as a 600k NFT sale, The Harvest decided to give back to its community by partnering with DeQuest.

Players may complete community-driven tasks on the DeQuest website and get rewards. Players who successfully complete the missions will get Harvest Points, which can then be redeemed for prizes in the platform's store. You may make an immediate purchase or enter Lucky Draws for in-game items with your Harvest Points.

Players may also start earning points to exchange for NFT Ability Cards, Discord positions, whitelists for upcoming sales, and much more by completing one-time, weekly, and daily objectives on The Harvest page.

This might serve as the basis for their brand-new ambassador program, where Meme Lords, Content Creators, Community Managers, Playtest Coordinators, and others can be honored and rewarded for their contributions to The Harvest.

(4) BAB Token

For the time being, A Web3 invention, Soulbound tokens, are a reflection of the bona fides of its owner and, as their name implies, are non-transferable, non-financialized, and exclusive assets. These tokens are irrevocably attached to the user or wallet in which they are stored, unlike other cryptocurrencies that may be moved between wallets. One of the earliest GameFi projects that employ such an invention is none other than The Harvest. Specifically, they’ll be utilizing Binance Account Bound (BAB) tokens as one of their tokenomics.

These are Binance-produced Soulbound Tokens that were distributed via the BNB Smart Chain. As a Soulbound token, BAB tokens can only be minted by Binance users who have completed KYC completely, and as a result, its holder is the only one who can reject or revoke them.

Third-party protocols may leverage and validate the development of BAB as a type of identity verification for a variety of applications. Players that implement BAB tokens will receive a special Discord role dubbed "Soulbound Explorers" as part of The Harvest's blockchain layer, granting them access to exclusive activities and gifts, including a special skin and battle tag.

At the time of writing, the “Soulbound Explorers” role and exclusive skin cannot be claimed anymore (the event ended in September 2022)


Players may purchase NFT ability cards, utilize them in games, evolve them, and then resell them. Additionally, users can build their deck ahead of every game. Players can view the cards in the Collector's Album and devise fresh tactics.

Image Post
Ability Cards (Source:

Skins come in three types: Rare, Epic, and Legendary. They portray your heroes and their skills in a fresh light, similar to a game's cosmetics.

Image Post
In-game Skins (Source:

A very interesting feature of NFT Companion cards is that they provide the player with a minion that they can utilize in-game to aid them with unique skills and entertaining interactions.

Battle tags are incredible tools for actual players, and customization is essential to becoming noticed as one of the greatest!

Players employ unique character-related emotes to "tilt" their foes or evaluate their friends since communication is always the key to a great game.

(a) Rarities in Ability Cards

  • The Common Cards are non-NFT and free to play. Players will be able to upgrade them to Uncommon NFTs after they hit the level cap (lvl 10).

  • Uncommon NFTs are NFTs that are tradable on the market, however, at low value/cost

  • Premium Cards are NFTs that gamers will be able to purchase through pre-sales or later on the market (Binance/Fractal).

There will only be 170,000 Rare Cards, 30,000 Epic Cards, and 15,000 Legendary Cards in the O'Ree-Jin Collection.

Also available are the Shiny Cards, which are scarce and difficult to locate. These cards will include distinctive artwork that matches the skin tone of the Hero. Players will also be capable of choosing the main attribute that will be boosted by that card in addition to the cosmetics.

The rarities of Shiny Cards are as follows: 4,000 Shiny Rare, 1,200 Shiny Epic, and 600 Shiny Legendary.

(b) Main Attributes

  • Health Points (HP) are used to assess how healthy a hero is. Life Steal (Secondary Attribute), Health Regeneration (Secondary Attribute), or Healing (Hero's / Card's Ability) can be used to restore health.

  • The damage caused by basic assaults, abilities, or card effects is determined by Attack (ATK).

  • The damage that is mitigated by an enemy's basic attacks, abilities, or card effects is determined by Defense (DEF).

  • Armor Penetration (PEN) is a characteristic that determines how much of the target's armor is ignored when doing damage.

  • Evasion (EVA) is the ability to avoid an opponent's strike. It negates 100% of an opponent's attacks.

  • Critical (CRT) is the probability of landing a critical hit. Critical boost the damage given to the opponent by 50% and diminishes the enemy's evasion soon before the impact.

  • CDR (Cooldown Reduction) is a stat that decreases the cooldown of heroes' abilities and active cards.

Presale boxes

Back in July 2022, The Harvest held a presale event where there will be two boxes available to mint. They are:

(a) Mystery Boxes

(i) The Mystery Box includes ten randomly selected cards with drop rates of 85% Rare, 10% Epic, 2.5% Legendary, and 2.5% Shiny

(1) (2.0% Shiny Rare, 0.4% Shiny Epic, and 0.1% Shiny Legendary).

Image Post
Mystery Box (Source:

(b) Legendary boxes

(i) Legendary Boxes feature 40 ability cards containing guaranteed rarity distributions of 34 Rare, 4 Epic, 1 Legendary, and 1 Shiny

(1) (80% Rare, 16% Epic, and 4% Legendary).

Image Post
Legendary Box (Source:


To sum up, The Harvest is a fresh new MOBA game that blends action-packed gameplay with team-based rules and a 3D Third Person Shooter (TPS) viewpoint integrating a new concept, one of its kind, Binance Account Bound (BAB) tokens. The Harvest wants to revolutionize the gaming industry with an emphasis on player control, real in-game asset ownership, as well as the use of BAB where it is said that they are the first to utilize it. Check out The Harvest and take part in the fight for the Essence of Life if you enjoy MOBA games and are searching for a fresh and thrilling challenge.

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