The Harvest

A guide to The Harvest, a new MOBA-shooter built for the blockchain

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Key Highlights

  • The Harvest is a multi-genre hero-shooter game with MOBA and Battle Royale elements.
  • Team up to form groups of three to participate in PvP battles for the Essence of Life.
  • Secure victory in The Harvest's PvP battles using tactical strategies to optimize your hero's mobility and shooting abilities to defend, attack, capture bases, and kill enemies.
  • Your main enemies in The Havest are the Big Boss Monsters. Take them down for an Essence of Life bonanza.
  • Bind your soul to your truckload of Essence of Life using Binance's Soulbound Tokens that will make you a Soulbound Explorer in The Harvest.

Partners & Backers of The Harvest

  • Goat Capital
  • Spartan Group
  • Geek Cartel
  • Sanctor Capital
  • Binance NFT
  • BNB Chain
  • Fractal

About The Harvest

In the exhilarating third-person shooter game The Harvest, you and your allies will band together as elite hero characters in this groundbreaking Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. Once you start playing this, you'll realize that it comes jam-packed with battle royale aspects. With 8 distinct ability cards at your fingertips to play with, you'll have the flexibility to alter your playstyle as your fight against foes to level up your hero. As you struggle to survive on the enigmatic O'Ree-Jin planet, you'll cooperate with your allies to gather as much of the incredibly powerful Essence of Life (EoL) as you can during a frantic 10-minute gameplay battle. After all, the primary gameplay objective of "The Harvest" is to harvest the energy-boosting EoL. Players must select the approach that best suits their playstyle because there are several ways to attain the EoL. These include: - Collecting EoL from Extractors - Eliminating opposing heroes - Attacking the bases of other teams (to take their EoL) - Eliminating AI creatures on the planet. With a gameplay that's sure to keep you engaged and on the edge of your seat, you'll also have access to immersive mechanics like EoL harvesting, card augmentation, and base teleportation to enhance your hero's abilities and gameplay strategy in The Harvest. Optimize your hero’s abilities and plan your gameplay strategy to rise to the challenge and emerge victorious in this thrilling third-person shooter game.