Ternoa: Creating Rental and Utility NFTs on Cross-Compatible Metaverse Dapps on Web3 Networks

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    Unlike traditional blockchains, Ternoa is centered around the storage and transmission of information. Unlike traditional NFTs, Ternoa is centered around the use of NFTs as a means of transmission of information. In fact, Ternoa is the first ever NFT-dedicated blockchain. The goal is to make storage of data secure and accessible for the clients while ensuring sustainability by mitigating issues such as high minting costs. Ternoa encrypts and augments NFTs to ease the information-transmitting process, while using SDK to allow users to easily develop applications for both mobile and web. Information is stored in the form of a “capsule”, akin to a time capsule. They then offer 5 different protocols to help users conveniently and creatively decide how these capsules can be distributed based on their needs and use-cases. One example is the Death Protocol, where the capsule can only be opened after the death of the creator.