Sunflower Land

Build Your Dream Farm in the Metaverse with Sunflower Land's RPG Farming Simulator

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    Key Highlights

    • Sunflower Land aims to create a community-driven decentralized Metaverse with the game's open-source blockchain, which code is available on GitHub.
    • Start your Farm-to-Play adventure in Sunflower Land by minting a Farm NFT. Get a bonus Bumpkin NFT that functions as your avatar and social media PFP.
    • Use your Farm NFT to Gather-to-Own by planting and harvesting crops, raising animals, collecting resources, chopping wood, and mining rocks.
    • Farm land and gather resources to sell at the Market to earn Sunflower Land ($SFL) tokens.
    • Use your $SFL earnings to purchase in-game items, for in-game processes, and to participate in community events.

    About Sunflower Land

    Sunflower Land is a blockchain farming game where you can Farm-to-Play and Gather-to-Own. Start playing Sunflower Land by minting a Farm NFT, which also produces a Bumpkin NFT as your in-game avatar and personal profile picture (PFP) that you can use on social media. Plant, harvest, raise animals, collect resources, and explore features like the Colossal Crop and mutant Chicken, visit the Goblin Retreat for rare NFT items, and dig the Treasure Island for treasures as you play the game. Farm to unlock Achievements in Sunflower Land that improve your Bumpkin NFT's Level, Experience, and Skills to help with your gameplay. Harvest your farmed crops that you can sell on the Sunflower Land Market for $SFL tokens. Use these tokens for in-game purchases, crafting, expanding Farms, and community events in Sunflower Land