Enter the StarMon Metaverse to Catch, Train, and Battle Superpowered StarMons in the Virtual Andres Land

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    Key Highlights
    • StarMon Metaverse is a 3D NFT Play-to-Earn game set in the virtual world of Andres Land, which is filled with star monsters known as StarMons.
    • Start your journey as an Andres Genesis trainer in the StarMon Metaverse by getting a Badge NFT from YooShi's NFT market.
    • Rare grade Badge NFTs can be exchanged for high-quality Origins StarMon NFTs.
    • Level up your StarMon NFTs by participating in Adventure PvE and Arena PvP battles to earn $GST and $sMON tokens.
    • Use your $GST earnings for various in-game functions and $sMON earnings to vote on the governance of the StarMon ecosystem.
    StarMon Origin

    The Origin Starmon is the name of the first Starmons at the beginning of the game, and the earliest descendent Starmons were also bred from the Origin ones. The Origin Starmons are extremely scarce as it is a limited edition.