Enter the StarMon Metaverse to Catch, Train, and Battle Superpowered StarMons in the Virtual Andres Land

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    Key Highlights

    • StarMon Metaverse is a 3D NFT Play-to-Earn game set in the virtual world of Andres Land, which is filled with star monsters known as StarMons.
    • Start your journey as an Andres Genesis trainer in the StarMon Metaverse by getting a Badge NFT from YooShi's NFT market.
    • Rare grade Badge NFTs can be exchanged for high-quality Origins StarMon NFTs.
    • Level up your StarMon NFTs by participating in Adventure PvE and Arena PvP battles to earn $GST and $sMON tokens.
    • Use your $GST earnings for various in-game functions and $sMON earnings to vote on the governance of the StarMon ecosystem.

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