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Learn how to play Star Atlas, a strategy and space exploration game built for the metaverse

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Reach for the gaming stars with Star Atlas, a grand strategy space exploration multiplayer game powered by the Solana blockchain protocol and Unreal Engine’s real-time graphics. Join factions to battle it out in an ever-evolving outer space powered by blockchain mechanics. Grow your space empire, discover alien worlds, and engage in high-stakes combat in the Metaverse. Take control of the galaxy and earn political influence to shape the gaming future of Star Atlas. May the force be with you!

Key Highlights
  • Star Atlas is a grand space adventure and exploration game with AAA graphics on the Solana Blockchain.
  • Combining elements from traditional space games like Star Citizen with blockchain mechanics and NFT ownership, Star Atlas is a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.
  • In Star Atlas, you have a variety of ways to earn, from selling mined resources, to completing quest and selling ship parts.
  • Star Atlas uses a dual token economy, Polis serving as the governance token and Atlas as the utility token.
  • While Star Atlas is still in development, you can already trade assets on the marketplace, earn faction rewards and read graphic novels to learn more about the extensive game lore.
  • To access these early features you will need a Solana wallet like Phantom Wallet.
How to Play Star Atlas (1) Game World

Welcome to Star Atlas, a grand strategy multiplayer game of space exploration, territorial conquest and political domination powered by Solana blockchain protocol and real-time 3D graphics.

Set in the distant future of 2620, three major factions have emerged. The MUD Territory governed by humankind, The ONI Region as a consortium of alien races, and The Ustur Sector controlled by sentient androids. These factions all vie for control and domination through resource, territorial conquest, and political power plays. As a citizen of one of the factions in Star Atlas, you will be able to shape the landscape of this cosmic conflict. By aiding your faction in these conflicts you'll earn rewards and powerful items to help you succeed.

You'll captain your spaceship on a mission to scan and uncover hidden secrets that lie within the cosmic abyss. Stake your claim and reap the rewards of your discoveries through a network of commercial mining installations, refineries, and the Universal Marketplace. Mining is the first principle that drives the whole economy of the game. An endless stream of wealth awaits those brave enough to dive into the depths of space and harvest its riches. There's more than one way to make money in Star Atlas including from trading raw and refined ores, to cargo hauling, and even crafting retail components.

Venture into the unknown with Star Atlas and discover an entire universe of assets waiting to be discovered. It’s time to make your mark in the stars now.

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The stars await, let the adventure begin! (Source:

(2) Game Mechanics

(a) Charting Your Grand Strategy

In Star Atlas, players can expand their dominion and establish strategic trade routes by staking claims and developing a tactical plan of offensive and defensive maneuvers.

Through the map view which is also known as the Star Atlas, you will be able to access both charted and uncharted regions of space in real time. This allows you to take full advantage of every opportunity that comes your way as you navigate the stars.

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Map of Galia (Source:

(b) Starting Off in the Safe Zone

As a new player of Star Atlas, the first step is deciding which faction to join. Don't worry because whichever you choose, you'll be safe while learning the ropes in their secure Faction Zone. Basic functions of the game such as research, crafting and exploration are possible but combat-based play such as rescue, combat and salvaging are locked.

Once you gain confidence and knowledge, you can move onto the Medium Tiered Safety Zone which is watched over by mercenary groups. Here, combat is allowed though be warned, if your assets are destroyed they will be reset.

Finally, you can go even further and explore the wild frontier of Star Atlas. Be warned though that full combat and destruction of assets is a permanent event here. However, only a portion of destroyed assets are irrecoverable. For example when a ship is decimated in combat, whereas components, scrap, and crew members can be salvaged, giving you some hope for recovery.

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3 Faction with 6 Tiers (Source:

(c) Venturing into Deep Space

Star Atlas offers a deep space exploration experience unlike any other. The exploration feature allows you to assume the role of a captain and pilot your own customised spacecraft, exploring and discovering celestial assets such as planets, stars, and other astronomical phenomena. You can then stake rich claims on these assets and use a network of commercial mining installations, refineries, and the Universal Marketplace to mine, refine and trade your discoveries.

In this exploration mode, you will interact with your ship from a top-down view, but can also go into an X-Ray view for a detailed look at both the interior and exterior of the ship. Furthermore, the first person cockpit/bridge view enables the you to take full control of the ship and manually pilot it through space. This particular mode is also suitable for seated virtual reality gaming.

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Are you ready to explore, mine, trade and become the top of the universe? (Source:

In terms of the available tools, you will have access to cutting-edge gear that enables them to scan terrains and acquire valuable resources to trade in the game's marketplace. In addition to acquiring riches, you will also need to keep an eye on their fuel tanks to ensure they have enough to keep exploring.

Exploring the stars has its rewards, as each one is full of diverse resources. To make use of these resources, you would need high-tier equipment to locate, refine, and trade them in the Star Atlas marketplace for profit. Resources can also be used in-game to upgrade weapons and ships.

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Where space exploration meets resource hunting and trading! (Source:

(d) Entering into Space Combat

In Star Atlas, PvP combat lets you face off against other players in an intense intergalactic battle of skill, strategy and luck. The immersive space flight simulation feature allows you to feel as though you are at the helm of your spaceship, engaging in exploration, combat and other mission-specific game mechanics.

You can customise and upgrade your ship for maximum performance and enjoyment. With cockpit view, flightsticks, throttles, multi-functional button control panels, head tracking hardware, and virtual reality head-mounted displays all available to you, you'll be able to feel more connected than ever to your space adventures.

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Equip your ship with powerful weapon turrets to take on enemy craft and installations, and you'll be ready for anything. Energy, ballistic, and disruption type weapons give you the power and flexibility to target different components of opponents and more effectively obliterate the competition.

Your power supply will keep the fight going, and shields and hulls will provide that added protection from any stray shots. Be sure to scan your adversaries thoroughly during a fight, so you can quickly identify their weak points and turn the tables in your favour. You can also target land and space-based installations to free claims and sabotage rivals. But watch out as these installations may also be equipped with their own defensive weaponry, ready to launch at any moment.

Finally, remember to set your stance as aggressive or passive. An aggressive stance will show hostile intent and open you up for attack, while a passive stance will provide a shield and maneuverability buff, giving you a chance to escape if attacked without declarations.

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Ready, set, FIRE! (Source:

(e) Assembling Your Space Crew

Spacecrafts and their associated crews are an integral part of the Star Atlas game. Players can acquire crew members from the University deck in order to staff their ships and have them running smoothly.

By assembling a crew, players can benefit from having highly-trained officers on board who can buff newly-recruited crew members and ensure that each role on board is being handled properly and efficiently.

An amateur crew may not be able to provide the necessary assistance for a spaceship to run effectively and thus it is essential to invest in recruiting at least a few highly-skilled crew members from the University deck. Doing so will ensure smoother operations of the spacecraft while playing the game.

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Surround yourself with the right crew (Source:

(f) Building a Professional Team

Standing at the helm of your own space station requires the unique skills of many professional pilots to navigate, gunners to protect, engineers to maintain and repair, CEOs to oversee operations, brokers to handle logistics, and more. Each role comes with its own set of challenges, but that’s what makes it so rewarding when you finally see the fruits of your labour.

For those wanting to take their dreams to new heights, there are endless possibilities aboard a space station. With a highly-trained crew at your command, you can defend against intruders, open up trading lanes, and utilise logistic services, all the while keeping a firm grip on the business side of things.

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What profession you want to be? (Source:

(g) Constructing Your Space Station

Exploring space for potential settlement is an exciting venture and requires players to install a range of infrastructure decks to ensure the region is habitable, secure and economically viable.

First, mining equipment and refinery decks are used in the region to mine raw ore which is then converted into more valuable tiered ore. This significantly adds to the value of the region’s mined assets. A commerce deck is used to store, trade and sell these assets via the decentralised Star Atlas marketplace.

The shipyard deck acts as a docking station for spacecraft but also enables their construction, maintenance and refuelling. Hangers can also be built on settlements to store and protect fleets of ships. Retail and cargo decks allow the crafting and selling of advanced components while a University deck provides basic training and crew recruitment. Defensive decks are essential for protecting against hostile activity and consist of missile bays and turrets.

Once the region has developed it may be possible to install a Dyson sphere which acts as an independent Jump point. This greatly reduces travel time between regions and opens up new economic trading lanes.

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Mining Town (Source:

(h) Joining Decentralised Autonomous Corporations (DACs)

Exploring the unknown cosmos can be a daunting challenge, but with the right allies, you can take on any mission. Star Atlas encourages its players to create alliances and join Decentralised Autonomous Corporations (DACs) to promote cooperation and gain control over regions.

Players are able to form political systems and economies, utilising the $POLIS governance token for issuing taxes, fees, rules, and regulations. This creates an opportunity for players to engage in economic trading between DACs in the metaverse, producing a new stream of revenue.

To provide added protection and security, players are encouraged to build their own armies and compete against other factions for control over their occupied region. By forming these strong alliances and well-governed DACs, players will have the necessary support needed to take on opponents and secure resources on the planet.

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Multiplayer (Source:


Ships are an essential, primary vehicle for players in Star Atlas. Whether a player is travelling to complete a job or mission, engaging in combat, or simply exploring the vast expanse of space, ships are required for many aspects of gameplay.

Ships are categorised by size and specs which include Fighter, Bomber, Repair/Refuel, Transport, Multi-Role, Racer and Bounty Hunter. Most ships are able to carry crew members who are responsible for tasks such as piloting, scanning and firing weapons. Depending on the ship's configuration and size, specific roles may be necessary including captain, co-pilot, turret gunner, engineer, repair engineer, tractor beam operator and cargo freeman.

In addition to crew slots, various components can be added to ships. Common components found in ships include power supply, warp drive, impulse engine, manoeuvring thrusters, shield generator, hull reinforcement, weapon hardpoints, missile bay, countermeasure bay, radar and tractor beams. These components vary depending on the specification and size of the ship.

Ship NFTs can be purchased from Star Atlas' Galactic NFT marketplace.

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Calico Emergency Ship (Source:

Claim stakes are physical items that must be transported to the designated planets before claiming any plot on its surface. In order to get access to the planet's unique resources and construct infrastructure, users must first complete this process. Claim Stake NFTs are divided into 5 tiers namely legendary namely uncommon, common, rare, and epic.

Once a claim stake is established, players can begin growing, extracting and refining various resources from their assigned land plots. Additionally, in order to reap the maximum benefit of land plots and the planet, it is essential for players to create and maintain a claim stake.

Claim stakes NFTs can be purchased from Star Atlas' Galactic NFT marketplace.

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The keys to the universe! Grab yours now and unlock a world of possibilities on your own planet. (Source:

For players looking for a place to call home, look no further than the Residential Estates on Central Space Stations. These estates provide a wealth of features and utilities, such as cargo storage, landing pads, exclusive indoor and outdoor painting, pet houses, sculptures, crafting stations, and crafting rate improvements.

All Housing NFTs will include a Habitation Unit (hab), offering comfortable living conditions while you explore. In addition, future Housing NFT releases will offer hubs sold separately from available parcels. Users can choose from 18 types of Housing NFTs featuring 3 factions and 6 tiers.

Housing NFTs can be purchased from Star Atlas' Galactic NFT marketplace.

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Discover the ultimate space living experience with Residential Estates on Central Space Stations (Source:


Star Atlas is an ambitious gaming Metaverse, a virtual world allowing for a completely new class of gaming experiences. By combining blockchain technology, real-time graphics, and multiplayer video game functionality, Star Atlas offers a groundbreaking kind of entertainment.

Using Unreal Engine 5's Nanite, Star Atlas can offer its users the graphical detail usually seen in high-end cinematic productions. Furthermore, Solana's blockchain protocol provides a highly secure and largely serverless gaming experience. Solana has an extremely high throughput allowing 65,000 transactions per second. This feature allows gameplay interactions between assets to be recorded in real time and bypasses the need for a robust traditional server backend for online multiplayer games.

Enjoyed reading this article? Check out the full list of our literature masterpieces on the top and trending blockchain games here. What sets Star Atlas apart from traditional PC space games like Star Citizen, No Man's Sky, and Stellaris is its innovative economy feature which replicates the tangibility of real-world assets and ownership. Players can obtain and trade NFTs within the game, earning rewards that they can in turn use to make a profit in the real world.

Star Atlas is currently in development and will be released iteratively through game modules in both web and Epic Games Store, allowing the game to continuously expand while the community immerses themselves in the Star Atlas gaming and co-creation experience.

If you're looking for a completely unique space gaming experience with incredible graphics, unparalleled security, and tangible rewards, then Star Atlas is for you.