SolChicks: Join the P2E Crypto Land by Playing This NFT-Powered Fantasy Game with PvP Battles

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    Designed with the aim of becoming the "leading fantasy NFT PvP and P2E crypto gaming ecosystem on the Solana blockchain," SolChicks centers around adorable SolChicks NFT collectibles that you can use as your character in the game. Incorporating the use of an innovatively disruptive get paid to play model, the game rewards you for your time and commitment in playing the game. This is done through the two ways in which you can use SolChicks ($CHICKS) tokens. One way to do so is by topping the weekly leaderboard or matchmaking rankings whereas another way to do so is by breeding SolChicks and selling them on the in-game marketplace. The value of SolChicks is warranted by the fact that each of them is uniquely designed with specific attributes based on the underlying SolChick character.