Unlock the Shoot-to-Earn Experience: Play Shrapnel, Set Strategies, and Extract Rewards in the Zone

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    Shrapnel is an intense first-person shooter experience that brings out the best in gaming skills and allows gamers to customize their play style. Developed by an experienced team of gaming pros, the game uses blockchain technology to ensure digitally-owned assets.

    The extensive experience of the team of gaming professionals behind Shrapnel has played a significant role in making the game an enjoyable experience for players. Their expertise is reflected in the various features of the game, from its intense first-person shooter gameplay to the ability for players to modify the way they play.

    Interested players can access Shrapnel exclusively on PC. This gives them all the right tools to design their ultimate gaming session. In this article, we explain all the features that set this first-person shooter apart from others and get you ready for your next mission!

    Key Highlights:
    • Top Grade FPS. An AAA FPS NFT-powered game featuring top-notch graphics and gameplay elements from top of the line FPS such as Halo, Apex Legends, and Escape From Tarkov.
    • Free-for-All Zone. Features large playing field called "the Zone," sitting on a 500km boundary, where most of the in-game activities happen and where you can compete against other players for sought-after resources.
    • Battle for Sigma. One of the most sought-after resources is the extremely rare and valuable Compound Sigma which can cause tremendous destruction and enhance machines and equipment if used correctly.
    • Dual Gameplay Modes. The game features two gameplay modes namely Player Missions, and Player-made Tournaments that offer solo or multiplayer options for you to challenge yourself to complete objectives and claim rewards in the form of $SHRAP Tokens.
    • Special Tech for a Special Game_. The gameplay features the use of special technology such as Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) based weaponry to disable networks and communication systems.
    How To Play Shrapnel

    In Shrapnel, players must navigate a dangerous and competitive world to extract valuable resources and emerge victorious. As an operator, you must choose your gear and strategies wisely in order to conquer your opponents.

    Choosing Your Operators and Gear

    In Shrapnel, players enter a tough and demanding environment where they can select among three different classes, namely Assault, Survivalist, and Infosec. Each of these classes can progress through its own tree that allows Operators to learn skills. Operators can also use special tools as well as gear. Thanks to this type of progression system, players can choose unique paths to specialize their characters while forming alliances and devising strategies by combining the power of all three classes. Excitingly, you may even find collectible NFTs on the battlefield after a fight or gather gear from defeated adversaries by scavenging it from them. An alternative is to go shopping in the Shrapnel Marketplace for rare goods.

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    Assault, Survivalist, or Infosec? (Source:

    As players progress in Shrapnel, they are awarded Skill Points which can be allocated to the Progression Skill Tree to improve pre-existing abilities. When selecting their gear, players are encouraged to think strategically and make wise decisions when assessing retrieved items from earlier games, as well as those crafted. Players can also design their own unique playstyle by combining different pieces of equipment and creating custom loadouts with the crafting feature. It helps to enhance their arsenal using resources obtained throughout the game. There is a wide variety of weapons available for selection ranging from the basic Contract Operator armaments to the more advanced Corporate MEF technology. Each with its own set of merits and cons, so it is important for players to familiarise themselves with each type before fully committing.

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    Shrapnel's game visual (Source:

    Assault Operators can equip an arsenal of firearms, including rifle favorites like the AK-47 and M4A1, as well as handguns such as the Glock 17. Survivalists usually carry long-range guns, such as the Remington 700 hunting rifle and throwing knife, or a Compound Bow and Kukri. Information Security Operators can also access Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) based weaponry to disable networks and communication systems, like the EMP-Rifle, Pistol, or Grenade.

    In addition to weapons, users must be mindful of armor for protection and use consumables like grenades and medkits in tight situations. They are also encouraged to make use of special technology that gives them new ways to influence the environment in combat scenarios.

    Entering the Zone

    Before you thrust into the enchanting game world, make sure both you and your Operators are well-equipped. Sitting on a 500km boundary, this expansive playing field (the zone) is home to plentiful rewards from other players and gamers from across the globe competing for sought-after resources. Most of the in-game activities happen in this area. Be vigilant as you progress and take advantage of the favorable situation to pick up bonuses such as weapons, supplies, or even the rare Compound Sigma.

    Formulated from a moon and asteroid called Sigma, this impressive powering element has the capability to cause tremendous destruction in addition to its progressive evolution since it evolves over time. It also can enhance machines and equipment if used correctly, yet it needs precaution due to its instability when gathering in use.

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    Entering the Zone (Source:

    Game Modes

    SHRAPNEL brings gamers two different types of gameplay, Player Missions, and Player-made Tournaments. In the former, you can challenge yourself to complete objectives such as gathering resources, creating content, and engaging in the Shrapnel Marketplace for rewards in the form of SHRAP Tokens. These missions can be completed solo or together with other players, such as in multiplayer (PvP) games. The latter type of tournament can be customized according to your own rules, goals, and conditions without any centralized governing body overseeing it.

    Invite others to join in, too, with all participants able to claim rewards at the end. This is handled by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that ensures fairness and equal chances for all. This is achieved through a smart contract that allocates rewards based on individual contributions like resources collected, territory owned, and content created according to the game's regulations.

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    Shrapnel's gameplay (Source:

    Survival and Extraction

    Successfully surviving and extra the Zone in SHRAPNEL is no easy feat. To complete various player missions, you'll have to gather resources while evading numerous threats and hazards in the area. As you make your way to the extraction point, don't forget to secure the items gathered during your adventure, as they may be essential during future visits. When you reach the designated spot, a transport will be waiting to take you home if all goes according to plan, and if that happens, then the items secured will be yours for keeps, allowing you to better equip yourself for exploration at a later date!


    Neon Gaming Studio launched its Shrapnel Operators Collection on June 7, 2022, a premier Physical-to-Fungible (PFP) release! This collection is heavily intertwined with the Shrapnel gaming world, a first-person shooter computer game incorporating tools that are driven by players.

    Ethereum stores the 10,000 unique Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that are part of this series. Each of them will feature one of the five characters from an upcoming comic book adaptation of the Shrapnel world. Through these tokens, you can get easy access to select assets, obtain special bonuses, and there's even a chance to get an airdrop with several NFTs or tokens!

    However, the tokens in this collection come in different levels of rarity, from Common to Legendary. In this case, collectors and gamers have lots of options to choose from. Don't forget each character comes with an exclusive non-exchangeable token depicting their origin story, and they come through in-game events or promotions as well as through OpenSea, an NFT platform that happens to be the only external place where you can buy these highly desired NFTs of Shrapnel.

    In Shrapnel, you'll want to get yourself some gear as soon as you can. Either visit the market or complete an in-game mission to obtain items. Bear in mind that other players may take your gear if you're not careful, so make sure to strategize and increase your chances of success.

    You can find gear from three tiers, namely standard, refined, and perfected. For higher-level wearables, attachments, and more, you'll need to burn lower-tier gear items and then craft the better one.

    Burning is a simple thing. Players just have to pay with game currency(SHRAP) and destroy gear they don't need or use anymore. It's a way of making room in their inventory while also getting something out of it, depending on the item's rarity and level. The higher these two qualities are, the more money destroyed objects will get in return.

    If that's not enough, there are alternative ways to get gear NFTs. Try looting enemies or random areas on the map, but if you prefer buying straight away without the hassle, just browse around the Marketplace, and if all above doesn't suit you, there's even an option of creating unique NFTs yourself through Crafting!

    Exploration is an integral part of the Shrapnel gaming experience, and maps serve as an especially crucial element. These resources allow gamers to expand their in-game influence by penetrating untrammeled lands where they can construct edifices, extract resources, and earn currency. Every land map symbolizes a distinct expedition that comes full of undiscovered possibilities, sources, and matters that unleash renewed enthusiasm in players to investigate additional lands.

    There are various avenues open to those in search of land maps – seasonal or promotional offers provided within the game or trading with fellow players. To attain a new portion of terrain, all you need is a map, where gamers can then set out in search of fortune Players and creators can access interactive Maps stored in Land plots. Each plot in Shrapnel can only contain one Map. To make a new Map, creators must pay the SHRAP fee, or they can speed up the map creation process by buying pre-made Maps from other creators. By default, these Maps are set to No Man's Land, which implies they have less visibility in the Player-base. But Arena Landowners can purchase an NFT plot of Arena Land and gain a portion of the Creator Rewards Pool that is determined by how active their hosted Map is. For more attention, VIP Lands can be acquired near the Podium for permanent visibility for players.

    At its center lies the Podium carrying out a tournament regarding performance and popularity with regular promotion inclinations. To acquire NFTs on Land means having to procure them from the Marketplace only!

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    Land (Source:


    In conclusion, Shrapnel takes the gameplay to the next level. Offering a combination of military tactics and special scavenging missions, the incredible success of this game is all down to the expertise of the development team members with years of experience in creating immersive entertainment.

    One of the greatest aspects of this game is the need to strike a balance between physical strength and mental acumen. You'll need to use every ounce of your brains and your brawn to protect your resources from other players while navigating your way to hidden riches. With both aspects working together you will certainly find it an invigorating and exciting experience. This blend of strength and wit is what makes the game so captivating!

    If you're looking for a captivating, thrilling gaming experience, SHRAPNEL is the game for you! Secure early access to the highly anticipated Beta version by purchasing Operator NFT PFP. The launching of $SHRAP token on exchanges is still TBA, but it's targeted for the first quarter of 2023. Don't miss out on this unique and unprecedented gaming opportunity!