Unlock the Shoot-to-Earn Experience: Play Shrapnel, Set Strategies, and Extract Rewards in the Zone

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    Key Highlights:

    • Top Grade FPS. An AAA FPS NFT-powered game featuring top-notch graphics and gameplay elements from top of the line FPS such as Halo, Apex Legends, and Escape From Tarkov.
    • Free-for-All Zone. Features large playing field called "the Zone," sitting on a 500km boundary, where most of the in-game activities happen and where you can compete against other players for sought-after resources.
    • Battle for Sigma. One of the most sought-after resources is the extremely rare and valuable Compound Sigma which can cause tremendous destruction and enhance machines and equipment if used correctly.
    • Dual Gameplay Modes. The game features two gameplay modes namely Player Missions, and Player-made Tournaments that offer solo or multiplayer options for you to challenge yourself to complete objectives and claim rewards in the form of $SHRAP Tokens.
    • Special Tech for a Special Game_. The gameplay features the use of special technology such as Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) based weaponry to disable networks and communication systems.

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    About Shrapnel

    Shrapnel is an intense first-person shooter experience that brings out the best in gaming skills and allows gamers to customize their play style. Developed by an experienced team of gaming pros, the game uses blockchain technology to ensure digitally-owned assets. The extensive experience of the team of gaming professionals behind Shrapnel has played a significant role in making the game an enjoyable experience for players. Their expertise is reflected in the various features of the game, from its intense first-person shooter gameplay to the ability for players to modify the way they play. Interested players can access Shrapnel exclusively on PC. This gives them all the right tools to design their ultimate gaming session. In this article, we explain all the features that set this first-person shooter apart from others and get you ready for your next mission!