Sailwars: Experience Immersive Web3 Strategy, Customize Fleets, and Command Multiplayer Battles

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    Key Highlights
    • Sailwars is a multiplayer online strategy game set in Medieval Naval Warfare Settings where you can establish and upgrade empires on the open sea, engage in thrilling battles, and forge maritime alliances.
    • Choose characters with unique strengths, abilities, and skills. Customize your appearance and name to shape your gameplay.
    • Build and lead a navy team to conquer your opponents, and gather resources to upgrade heroes, ships, and buildings for added strength.
    • In Sailwars, the primary NFTs lie within the hero and ship collection. Hero NFTs represent naval commanders, equipping ships with attributes, skills, and bonuses. Ship NFTs embody diverse vessel types with unique abilities, configurations, and combat prowess.
    • $SWT, a valuable token in Sailwars that can be obtained through immersive gameplay, which you can use to secure new vessels or power up your ships to dominate the high seas.