Pomerun: Master the Art of Survival and Earn Meme and Other Blockchain Rewards in this Web3 Game

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    Key Highlights
    • Pomerium is a reliable and sustainable play-to-earn platform that creates a healthy ecosystem through original content and multiple blockchain services.
    • The platform offers games that allow you to earn game points, which can be exchanged for Pomerium tokens ($PMR) through a DeFi system called Swap. Pomerium also provides NFT items that can be used in its games.
    • The salient feature of Pomerium is that it generates all its content in-house, creating a more abundant user experience in the in-game platform.
    • The platform's fair and transparent token economics ensures a harmonious balance between supply and demand, fair value exchange, and a gradual rise in token price.
    • Pomerium offers anyone interested in its ecosystem the opportunity to participate and contribute through its publishing program.