Planet Mojo

Planet Mojo: Unleash Your Mojo in an Imaginative Web3 Gaming World Filled With Mojo NFTs

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    Combining the twin concepts of "Fun First" and "Play-and-Own," Planet Mojo entails the dual elements of graphicality and playability to generate long-term value to retain players to warrant the continuous sustainability of the game. Set against the backdrop of the combating Clans of Planet Mojo due to the Great Wars in a time gone by, the lore of Planet Mojo centers around a mysterious Prophecy, which is whispered by the elders Mojos. The game has two key components, namely Mojo Melee, which is a PVP auto chess battler, and Mojo Land, which is a land game. The game's NFTs take the form of Land and Mojo NFTs, whereas its utility and governance tokens take the form of $MOJ and $ORE, respectively.


    The Mojos are the main characters in Planet Mojo. They battle alongside the Champions in the Mojo Melee arenas.


    Champions are warriors from the clans of Planet Mojo. They have been sent to discover the source of the Scourge and determine whether an age-old prophecy is unfolding. In Mojo Melee, most of a player’s team will consist of Champions that have banded together with their Mojo.


    Biomes is your homeland for your Mojos and launching point into other games.

    Clan Banners

    Clan Banners will be collectible NFTs and give players access to special features in the game and increase their Collection Tier.