Planet Mojo

Planet Mojo: Unleash Your Mojo in an Imaginative Web3 Gaming World Filled With Mojo NFTs

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    Combining the twin concepts of "Fun First" and "Play-and-Own," Planet Mojo entails the dual elements of graphicality and playability to generate long-term value to retain players to warrant the continuous sustainability of the game. Set against the backdrop of the combating Clans of Planet Mojo due to the Great Wars in a time gone by, the lore of Planet Mojo centers around a mysterious Prophecy, which is whispered by the elders Mojos. The game has two key components, namely Mojo Melee, which is a PVP auto chess battler, and Mojo Land, which is a land game. The game's NFTs take the form of Land and Mojo NFTs, whereas its utility and governance tokens take the form of $MOJ and $ORE, respectively.