Planet IX

Explore the Digital World of Planet IX, Trade PIX NFTs and Earn $IXT in this Play-to-Earn Blockchain Game

  • Strategy
  • RPG
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    Key Highlights

    • Planet IX is an NFT strategy game based on a digital rendition of planet Earth.
    • Resurrect our ravaged Earth in 2059 as Planet IX's Agent of Change by swapping your $WETH or $MATIC for $IXT on supported exchanges such as Quickswap or Sushiswap.
    • Use your $IXT to acquire PIX land plot NFTs from Planet IX's marketplace before staking them at Mission Control to earn Waste NFTs.
    • Sell your Waste NFTs on Planet IX's marketplace or burn them at the game's Global Waste Systems to receive Astro Credits.
    • Use your Astro Credits for in-game utilities such as building facilities and accelerating work orders.

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