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Phantom Galaxies is a new blockchain game that enables users to earn money while playing by earning crypto tokens and selling NFTs, like Planets. The game offers a third-person experience in a fast-paced outer space environment with the familiar elements of the traditional ARPGs (Action Role-Playing Games) and shooters. Based in a rich Sci-Fi mecha universe, this game has endless opportunities to tell branching side storylines in addition to its rich main story arc. Join this sci-fi adventure game and collect valuable NFTs when you become a member of the Ranger Squad and pilot a Starfighter in the game. Immerse yourself in the intricate story details as you help the alliance balance its delicate powers in the face of Sha’Kari and earn money!

Key Highlights
  • Phantom Galaxies is an open-world space simulator with fast-paced mech shooter Starfighters.
  • Start your space adventure by getting Gen.#(0-5) Starfighter NFTs from Phantom Galaxies' Origin Collection on OpenSea.
  • Ride onboard your Starfighter NFTs to mine resources from asteroids to craft weapons and armor using the Fusion Chamber.
  • Level up your Starfighter NFTs by equipping them with weapons and amours. Use your leveled-up Starfighter NFTs to engage in PvE missions, quests, operations, raids, and PvP combats to earn $ASTRAFER tokens.
  • Use your $ASTRAFER tokens for in-game activities, to vote on Phantom Galaxies' DAO. Alternatively, you can trade the tokens on supported exchanges.
How to play Phantom Galaxies

To get Phantom Galaxies for PC, you can download it from the game’s website here ( You will need to connect a digital wallet such as MetaMask and also own a halberd NFT. Halberds are the home base of the Ranger Squad and can be purchased from Opensea.

The core of the Phantom Galaxies loop revolves around 4 phases:

  • Buy or Upgrade Starfighter
  • Explore the galaxy for new missions and planet locations
  • Complete missions and mine planets to gain tokens
  • Spend tokens to upgrade or buy new utilities
1. How to buy Phantom Galaxies Starfighter

Players must start Phantom Galaxies by buying a Mechanised Starfighter in a generation ranging between 0 and 5 from the game’s marketplace. While it is possible to buy a higher generation of Starfighter, the smart choice is to start at Gen-0 Mech and upgrade it by collecting resources and using the Fusion process at the fusion facility.

By doing this, players can avoid the limitations that Avatar levels can put on the Starfighter’s combat skills. In other words, it’s better to have a lower Gen Mech for a lower lever Avatar. Players use their Starfighters to explore planets, accept missions, and combat to win and mine NFTs.

Each Starfighter is an NFT with unique characteristics that determine the Starfighter’s appearance, weapons, and capabilities in the game. Starfighters’ modifiers include frame, reactor, shields, cargo hold, thrusters, overheat capacity, weapon slots, and armor bonus to name a few.

There are 4 main Starfighters to choose from: The Locke (Assault), The Kirkguard (Buster), The Kant (Breacher), and The Voltaire (Lancer). Of course, each of these Starfighters has unique features compared to the others and it’s up to each player’s preference to choose their own.

The Locke

  • Can transform from robot to starship (Starfighter to Mech) faster than the other Mechs, and its weapons look and feel cooler considering that it has amazing swords and a double-sided axe that will make you feel like Thor.

Image Post
The balanced type Mech (Source:

The Kirkguard

  • Noticeably slower, but it has sniper-level shooting accuracy with an overpowering destructive force which makes it better for long-range shooting. This Starfighter can help you win with one shot!

Image Post
Slower but with overwhelming firepower! (Source:

The Kant

  • The green Mech and it’s faster than the Kirkguard but slower than the Locke. The Kant’s best feature is when it’s in Mech form as it has a shotgun that is perfect for close-range combat.

Image Post
The close combat type (Source:

The Voltaire

  • Impressively quick and responsive which makes it great for maneuvers. It has a zoom-in feature making it an actual sniper able to do significant damage from a distance.

Image Post
The lightest and fastest! (Source:

Starfighters can also be upgraded throughout its 5 generations to better the weapons and capabilities of the Mech as well as increase its lifespan. The Starfighter’s lifespan requires a variety of NFTs and in-game resources to be used in the fusion facility to evolve the Mech.

The Starfighter upgrade to the next generation happens through a fusion process that utilizes different NFT assets such as weapons and armor. Upgrading the generation of a starfighter is closely tied to upgrading the player’s Avatar level.

Players who prefer to build their Starfighters from scratch can buy Base Frame NFT from the Phantom Galaxies marketplace and use the fusion facility to create their GMech with the different in-game resources. The randomized fusion process will provide the player with a gen-1 Starfighter with different visuals and attributes each time. Building a Starfighter from scratch gives the player the advantage of customizing the Starfighter’s visual features and attributes with future generations. Buying or leasing a high-level Starfighter, on the other hand, eliminates the customization aspect.

2. Explore Galaxies: Missions, Quests, Operations, & Raids!

Phantom Galaxies players get missions that allow them to follow the main storyline and learn about the characters, history, and other aspects of the Phantom Galaxies universe as well as visit its various locations. By completing each new mission, the players win NFT assets that grant them the resources to upgrade their Starfighter, generate new Starfighters, and increase their planet’s value.

Quests on the other hand are another piece of the story that can be seen as standalone activities through which the player can be introduced to minor characters and other special aspects of the Phantom Galaxies universe while exploring different scenarios of the game.

To keep its users engaged with daily activities, Phantom Galaxies presents operations with specific objectives that also enable the players to gain more and upgrade their Starfighters and planets.

Last but not least, Phantom Galaxies players get the ultimate challenge in the raids as multiple players must cooperate to complete the raid and obtain the winnings from it. To participate in raids, the player must join a raid team, then each team must complete a set of tasks to complete one raid. This part of the game is extremely advanced and created for experienced players to develop their coordination and communication skills with one another.

Image Post
Avatar in Space Station (Source:

3. Mining for Profit in Phantom Galaxies Universe

In Phantom Galaxies, mining is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make a profit. Once the player has a Gen-1 Starfighter, they can navigate space to find specific places where they come across different asteroids to mine. Each asteroid contains different elements and materials that sell at different prices. The game helps the player to find out which asteroids are worth mining by highlighting them. The info screen also tells the players what materials they can mine in that location.

During the mining process, the player must make sure to switch from weapon to laser for the Mech to be able to mine the asteroids. The navigation also requires a high level of caution as the Mech can easily hit an asteroid which can damage or destroy it. Once the mining is done, players can head to the closest trade terminals to sell what they mined.

Image Post
Switch from weapon to laser to mine! (Source:

4. Phantom Galaxies Space Combat

The one thing that significantly sets Phantom Galaxies apart from other NFT games is the great effort put into this game’s lore, graphics, and even soundtracks. Once the player is out in space on their Starfighter, they can forget about being in a blockchain game and get the satisfying feeling of playing a traditional offline Sci-Fi shooting game.

Depending on which Starfighter the player chooses, they’ll experience different response speeds and different weapons power.

The combat experience itself is both exhilarating and suspenseful. Players are required to carefully but quickly move through space without colliding with any of the asteroids floating around, avoid the enemy's shots, and accurately aim at the opponent’s ship and lead their shots to take it down. Players can take cover behind one of the asteroids, but so can their opponents. This is why exploration is a big part of the gameplay in the space combat of Phantom Galaxies.

5. Frontier Space: Enter the PvP Zone

Frontier Space in Phantom Galaxies is at the edge of the game’s universe where there’s no law or system. Once a player enters this zone, they can take whatever they want. However, keep in mind that you’ll meet other players who can take what they want! In Frontier Space, Phantom Galaxies Players meet 2 main challenges: the Rebel Sectors and other players looking to control these sectors.

Once a player is able to conquer a Rebel Sector, they will gain pools of rewards like mines, refineries, laboratories, and hidden weapons. However, since this is the PvP section of the game, competing over Rebel Sectors is not an easy task for single players. This is why it’s always better to team up with a large number of other Starfighters and split the spoils!

Starfighters Destruction

Phantom Galaxies players’ main NFT assets are Starfighters. However, the Mech Starfighters are also the main vessel to enter and win space combat fights. This means that the Starfighters shoot enemies and must avoid getting shot at. So, what happens if a Starfighter is destroyed in battle? Are you out of the game? What about the NFT value of your Starfighter? Can you restore a destroyed Starfighter or save its value? Depending on the player’s Starfighter durability, there can be different scenarios in this case. If after an attack the Mech’s durability level is 1 or higher, the player can salvage their Starfighter and its NFT value.

If however, the Starfighter’s durability level falls below 0, this means that the Starfighter and its NFT value are gone forever. Players can, of course, overcome this loss by obtaining insurance on their Starfighters just to be safe.


Planets will gain greater utility once Phantom Galaxies’ governance token launches. Each Planet is allocated a set amount of Astrafer Tokens and will award the owner an amount of $ASTRAFER directly.

Players can get Planets when they mint or buy them from the marketplace. However, Planets NFT is not essential for players to enter the game, users can start playing without having any Planets

Starfighters are essential for users to start playing Phantom Galaxies. They can be bought from OpenSea. Phantom Galaxies players will need at least one Starfighter to play the game’s episodic level. Currently, at the time of writing, players can play episodes 1-4.

The Avatar NFTs define the appearance and attributes of the player’s in-game character. Phantom Galaxies players get chances to generate a variety of rare Avatars giving the user a chance to get bonus Avatars with each mint.

Users who enjoy building their own world will like increasing the value of their planets by building hangars for Starfighters, homes for residents, marketplaces, and mineral refineries. All of these buildings will increase the number of visitors to the planet and, therefore, increase the NFT emissions.

Now that you are done reading, its time to start earning by participating in our Phantom Galaxies Read-and-Earn (R&E) Quest.

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