Pegaxy: Your Web3 Horse Racing Blockchain Ticket to Earning Big in PGX Tokens in the Metaverse

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    Pegaxy is a luck-based horse-racing game where players compete against other players for the first place. Pegaxy prides itself on its supreme graphics and the anti-inflationary measures of its tokens. Unlike other horse-racing games, Pegaxy offers alternative ways to participate and navigate financially, even if users do not participate in races. They can also take up the role of breeders, renters, or even owning stadiums, just to name a few. Pegaxy creatively incorporated blockchain through the use of profit-sharing agreements or scholarships. This was done through asset rentals and automatic payouts. Players renting a Pega have the option to do it with no initial payment by using the scholarship made possible with blockchain, or pay to hire the Pega for a fixed period of time.