Oath of Peak

Oath of Peak: Step into the Oriental Fantasy World of Mobile Gaming and Master the 5 Unique Classes

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    Oath of Peak is a free-to-play mobile MMORPG that is among the host of Chinese-themed Wuxia/Xianzia ARPGs that has cropped up in the wake of Genshin Impact. Oath of Peak stands out from the other Chinese ARPGs with its fast-paced combat action and highly customizable in-game characters. In the game, you can collect, breed and customize Spirit Beasts, your in-game companions that you can use in battles. Spirit Beasts and other in-game items, such as equipment, are NFTs that can be traded in the game's open marketplace. Oath of Peak's in-game economy is powered by Peak Token ($PKTK), which serves as the game's utility currency whereas OOP Token ($OOP) is the governance token of the game's DAO Treasury.