My Neighbour Alice

My Neighbor Alice: Experience the Thrill of Building Your Own Virtual Lands in Web3

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    My Neighbor Alice is a Chromia blockchain-powered multiplayer builder game inspired by the famous game Animal Crossing. In My Neighbour Alice, you can acquire and control virtual islands, gather materials to craft fantastic items, and establish new friends. It is created by Antler Interactive and combines a fun story with an environment for gathering and exchanging NFTs. It is a fantastic game for casual players, starting with NFTs and blockchain games. The setting of My Neighbor Alice is a sizable group of islands in the Lummelunda archipelago. There, people and animals live in harmony with one another and work together. By acquiring property, anyone can join the community and pursue various hobbies, such as fishing, insect hunting, and beekeeping. It does so in a way that makes blockchain technology accessible to the broad gaming community. The $ALICE coin is the game's native cryptocurrency. It makes it possible for token owners to take part in the game, invest, and play. It has real-world-inspired rules over a DAO and a democratic governance model based on a liquid democracy.