My DeFi Pet

My DeFi Pet: A Dapp to experience the Thrill of Collecting Rare and Unique Virtual Pets

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    My DeFi Pet is a DeFi virtual pet game, unlike others. At a glance, it resembles most virtual pet games where you are able to collect, breed, evolve, battle, trade, and even socialize with their pets. A closer inspection reveals that there are more things than simple rearing. Your real-life habitual behaviors are integrated seamlessly into the games, giving the game a unique touch that makes the pet feel truly yours. For example, listening to music on your phone can boost your pets’ intelligence, while frequent workouts at the gym will result in faster growth of your pets. My DeFi Pet also adopted other mechanisms to entice users to play. For example, they have adopted the traditional gaming concept of Seasons, where users are rewarded for their rankings over a period of time. By tapping on the natural human tendency for short-term rewards, it makes the game even more irresistible for the players. This is built on top of the traditional DeFi mechanisms, where you can breed and trade your pets to generate extra income.