Monster Galaxy

Monster Galaxy: Play, Capture, Tame and Battle with Moga NFTs to Recover Mysteriously Lost Zodiac

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    Key Highlights
    • Begin your Play-to-Earn adventure on the islands of Monster Galaxy to recover the twelve lost Zodiac that have mysteriously disappeared.
    • Sign up for Monster Galaxy, log in to your account, and receive your first Moga NFT for free in your GON Wallet.
    • Power up your Moga NFTs by equipping them with stat-boosting gears that can be acquired using $GGM tokens.
    • Earn $GGM tokens in Monster Galaxy by completing tasks in Quest Mode, winning battles in Challenge Mode, and conquering dungeons in Instance Mode.
    • Use your $GGM token earnings to participate in Monster Galaxy's airdrop events, staking platform, and DAO voting.

    MOGA is the in-game NFT of Monster Galaxy: P2E. Every Moga has an elemental affinity, which plays a key role in game strategies. Players will find that a Moga's base stats, level, star-level, and rarity also influence the outcome in battle. And to make Moga even more effective in combat, they can equip stat-boosting gear and be leveled up. The necessary upgrade materials as well as other rewards, like Moga Fragments and Equipment, can be obtained by completing tasks, earning achievements, winning battles, and defeating dungeons.