Monster Galaxy

Monster Galaxy: Play, Capture, Tame and Battle with Moga NFTs to Recover Mysteriously Lost Zodiac

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    Key Highlights

    • Begin your Play-to-Earn adventure on the islands of Monster Galaxy to recover the twelve lost Zodiac that have mysteriously disappeared.
    • Sign up for Monster Galaxy, log in to your account, and receive your first Moga NFT for free in your GON Wallet.
    • Power up your Moga NFTs by equipping them with stat-boosting gears that can be acquired using $GGM tokens.
    • Earn $GGM tokens in Monster Galaxy by completing tasks in Quest Mode, winning battles in Challenge Mode, and conquering dungeons in Instance Mode.
    • Use your $GGM token earnings to participate in Monster Galaxy's airdrop events, staking platform, and DAO voting.

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