Monkey League

Monkey League: Experience World-Class Web3 NFT-Powered Soccer League Matches in the Metaverse

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    Monkey League is a new Web3 strategy turn-based play-and-earn soccer game. Powered by the Solana blockchain, Monkey League features multiplayer competitions in which you can take on the role of a monkey in the game to play soccer matches against other players. Monkey League features unique Monkeys, Stadiums, and Spectators. The Monkeys and Stadiums are NFTs, while the in-game currency is MonkeyBucks ($MBS). The best part about Monkey League is that you do not have to play the game to earn $MBS. Spectate and root for the winning team and earn $MBS in return. The game uses two token models, with the other token being $SCORE, a DAO governance token. You can play several game modes in Monkey League, including PVE, PVP, and team ss. team matches. Monkey League is an absolute delight for soccer lovers that allows soccer to be played in a fun way.