Mini Royale: Nations

Get in the Game with Mini Royale: Nations' Engaging Fast-Paced Free-to-Play FPS Action

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    Key Highlights

    • Mini Royale: Nations is an online first-person shooter NFT game.
    • Customize your character using Outfit, Accessories, and other Cosmetics NFTs before equipping it with Weapons NFTs.
    • Use your suit-up character to complete missions in Mini Royale: Nations' PvE and PvP modes to earn off-chain Orbs that you can convert into Enriched Orbs using the Refinery at your Land NFT.
    • Use your Enriched Orbs to join Mini Royale: Nations' clan events and tournaments to earn $CHEDDAR tokens that you can use for in-game utilities.
    • Buy $ROYALE tokens from secondary exchanges before staking them to vote on Mini Royale: Nations' Game DAO.

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