Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia: Crawl, fight and earn DAR tokens with this action adventure Web3 game

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    Set in the year 11,752, Mines of Dalamia revolves around The Onemind, which revealed the Terraforming Capsules technology. Through this technology, a planet could go through a spontaneous evolution spanning millions of years in just a few seconds. With three planets in the Dalamia sector having undergone the first wave of terraformation, residents from across the Galaxy make a beeline to the newly terraformed planets in search of greener pastures. You would be one of these space travelers who would be engaging in this action-adventure game to mine and combine various in-game items while improving your skills. The final goal is to obtain rare relics and artifacts which take the form of rare NFTs that would unlock the secrets to the universe of Mines of Dalamia.

    Mines of Dalarnia Land Plots

    The Mines of Dalarnia Universe consists of several planets, and each planet is split into a 40 x 40 grid. Each grid square contains a unique mining plot. The ownership, upkeep, and rental of these plots will be a central pillar of the game’s P2E economy.

    Each plot also has a number of particular attributes. These attributes include: planet type, biome, resource distribution for each depth, and any special access restrictions (special plots may require specific items of NFTs in your possession for access).

    Mines of Dalarnia Canary Birds

    Robo Canary birds are miners’ best friends in Dalarnia. It follows you around and alerts players to potential hazards and enemies. At higher levels, you can send it to the surface with materials in order to clear room in your pack. The Canary is also a secondary light source which will allow you to see things on the screen further than the character’s light source can reach. Each canary has its speciality, the rarer your canary is, the more “powerful” they are in the game.

    There are 10 types of canary birds, with a total number of 20,000. The canary birds are distributed into 4 rarity levels. Among the 20,000 NFTs, N — 50%; R — 25%; SR — 15%; SSR — 10%.