Meta World: My City

Meta World: My City: Unlock Infinite Possibilities and Achievements in the Metaverse

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    Key Highlights

    • Meta World: My City is the latest evolution of the Let's Get Rich mobile board game that millions worldwide enjoy.
    • Launch your real estate conquest at Meta World: My City's GitBook, which provides a tutorial guide on how to start playing the game.
    • Link your Marblex wallet to the game to mint your customizable Avatar NFT.
    • Get a Land NFT and start building with Structure NFTs in My City, one of the many customizable environments in Meta World.
    • Join the global revolution as Meta World: My City expands to cover major cities worldwide, from Bangkok to New York to Paris.

    About Meta World: My City

    With Meta World: My City, you can create your own virtual city in the Metaverse. As the creator of your Land in My City in Meta World, you can mint NFTs that can be used to build structures. The strategic gameplay of My City: Meta World allows you to use these structures to design streets, and parks while also interacting with other players. The in-game economy of Meta World is powered by Meta Cash which can be exchanged for INETRIUM at the Meta World Trading Centre after you have linked your Marblex wallet. You can then use your INETRIUM to purchase various in-game content. Alternatively, you can cash out on your in-game earnings by using your INETRIUM at supported external exchanges. In celebration of its grand launch on 19 April 2023, the Meta World: My City held the Wallet Link Event, “Fastest NFT Minter” Event, and the Land & Structure Distribution Event. The Meta World: My City World Wallet Link Event rewarded 200 random users who linked their Marblex wallet with 1 Marbleship each. The Meta World: My City “Fastest NFT Minter” Event rewarded the first 100 users to successfully mint a Character or Structure NFT with 1 Marbleship each. The Meta World: My City Land & Structure Distribution Event rewarded 150 random Rainbow-grade Marblership holders who linked their Marblex wallet with 1 Marbleship each. Check this space to stay up-to-date with future events.