Medabots: Conquer the Play-to-Earn Universe by Winning Turn-Based RPG Battles With Your Custom Robots

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    In the Play-to-Earn crypto game of Medabots, you can build robots to join global Medabattles tournaments. Start playing this AAA game by choosing from Humanoids, Flyers, or Spiders to build your Medabots before customizing them with Medaparts NFT cards to boost their stats to earn crypto in Medabattles. Get ready to play the game with the big boys by training yourself to master Medabattles mechanics before playing in the Adventure, Multiplayer, and League modes. Strategically use Medaparts to dominate the game in the fields of Medabattles to earn crypto. Winners earn Medaparts NFT cards, Crystals, and crypto in the form Medacoin ($MEDA), which can be used to purchase in-game items, real-world merchandise, mint Medaparts, and PvP fees.

    Key Highlights
    • Build Medabots to participate in worldwide Medabattles tournaments in this AAA RPG that is set to revolutionize Play-to-Earn crypto gaming.
    • Choose your Humanoids, Flyers, or Spiders Medabots before equipping them with Medaparts NFT cards to boost their Hit Points, Attack, Defense, and Speed stats.
    • Take part in the game's Medabattles in the PvE and PvP modes of Adventure, Multiplayer, and League with your geared-up Medabots.
    • Win Medabattles to earn rewards such as Medaparts NFT cards, Crystals, and Medacoin ($MEDA).
    • Use your $MEDA earnings to purchase in-game items and Medabots in-real world (IRL) merchandise and for the minting of Medaparts NFT cards and payment of entrance fees for PvP Medabattles.