Kuroro Beasts

Master Kuroro Beast Ecosystem's Core Mechanics to Win Battles with Self-Replicating Origins Beasts

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    Key Highlights
    • Kuroro Beasts is a multidimensional gaming ecosystem comprising two NFT games, Kuroro Beast Brawl, and Kuroro Wilds: Call of the Islands.
    • Enter the Kuroro Breast Brawl battle arena to take on other players in Pokemon-style PvP battles.
    • Take a break from PvP battles by participating in quests and mini-games with your Kuroro Beasts in Kuroro Wilds: Call of the Islands.
    • Win PvP battles and complete quests and mini-games to collect Kuroro Beasts Trainer Badge NFTs to boost your $KURO earnings.
    • Use your $KURO earnings for in-game utilities such as purchasing Beasts NFTs, materials, and customizable traits.
    Ferry Tickets

    This collection contains the Ferry tickets needed to get to Kuroro Island. They are to be redeemed for free in order to obtain your in-game beasts.


    Scion Beasts are the off-spring of Origin Beasts with the same qualities and characteristics but they are not capable of reproduction.

    Trainer Badges

    Trainer Badges are tradeable NFTs that unlock a variety of exclusive rewards. From giveaways and collaborations to racking up more $KURO, collect them all and display them with pride.