Kingdom Story Heroes War

Get Ready to Be a Hero as You Conquer Ancient Kingdoms and Collect NFTs

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    Key Highlights

    • Kingdom Story: Heroes War is a GameFi RPG that takes you back in time to test your war strategy skills.
    • Prove your war strategy skills in Kingdom Story: Heroes War's PvE modes of Campaign, World Domination, Boss Battle, Crusade, and Alliance Battle to prepare for PvP battles.
    • Enter into war against other players in Kingdom Story: Heroes War's Arena and Ladder Match PvP battles to earn in-game goods, DIA.
    • Swap your DIA earnings for $KID tokens using the in-game exchange.
    • Use your $KID tokens to purchase Heroes NFTs and vote on the governance of Kingdom Story: Heroes War.

    About Kingdom Story Heroes War

    The game is an action RPG based on the classic novel The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The novel revolves around how a group of warriors and leaders founded the Three Kingdoms that emerged in China after the fall of the Han dynasty. Combining the gameplay elements of war, strategy, and politics, the available gameplay modes in this NFT Squad-Collecting RPG include Crusade, Boss Battle, PVP, Arena, Scenario, and World Domination. Taking place against a backdrop of 4 countries, you can choose from 5 officer classes, each with 6 different abilities. Start collecting the 300 commander NFTs to be a war hero in the story of the Three Kingdoms.